Meth heads got the wrong house; Mine!

Meth heads got the wrong house; Mine!

This is a discussion on Meth heads got the wrong house; Mine! within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Gettin about dusk out, just got back from riding my KLR, and was warming up some grub the little woman fixed for me today, when ...

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Thread: Meth heads got the wrong house; Mine!

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    Meth heads got the wrong house; Mine!

    Gettin about dusk out, just got back from riding my KLR, and was warming up some grub the little woman fixed for me today, when a I heard the storm door open, and saw someone turning the knob on the door. Then Lindy, my beagle started bay'in, so I knew something was going on. The wife wasnt expected home until midnight.

    I wasnt nervous, or even anxious. Actually, I was a little bit excited. I waited for the door to open, and then to my damn disappointment, I realized I had set the deadbolt.
    Well, then came the knock. Now I know some people say dont answer the door, and I can certainly understand the logic, I want to see who it is. So, I looked out the side window, and see a bearded man in camo bibbed overalls, who was toothless ( not uncommon round these parts), but what really got my attention was I recognized him as a meth and crack head that we had arrested several times.

    So, after looking around, I could see a another man standing in the tree line about 40 yards deep. So, with the Colt in my right hand, I opened the door with my left, keeping the Colt just to the right and slightly behind my left leg.

    When this guy saw me, I could tell he recognized me right off. He couldnt look me in the eye, but his eyes were defintely interested in what was behind my leg, ( And I was secretly hoping for an opportunity to show him).

    He said," uh, mmm, I'm sorry sir, I got the wrong house".
    Me, smiling," yes sir, ya sure as hell do.
    Him," im sorry sir, I was supposed to go to a friends house, and he said just come to the back door. Sure a good thing I didnt come to the back door here!
    Me, still smiling, " yep, but I think you are full of " explicit wording". " There is no one around me close to make a mistake like this and you know it".
    " And you know who I am, and I know who you are, and what you and your stupid POS friend are here for".

    At this point he is backing away. " Oh no sir, I just got mixed up"
    Me, " oh really, who is your friend, and why do you use his back door?"
    Him, ' I cant think of his last name, but his first name is, uh....." At this point I cut him off.

    Me, " I tell you what, you and your stupid looking blank blank friend, get off my property, before I mistake you for possums and cut loose. And, the folks around here are my neighbors, and if I here tell of anything stolen in this area, I am coming straight for you and your degenerated POS partner, and its not going to be good when I get a little " mixed up" and forget not to stomp you in the ground, do you understand that?"

    By now he is walking down the driveway, then cuts over the ditch and into the woods. I can now see there are three of them. I went around back, and followed them through the woods to the road, where they got in a car and drove off. I called and reported the incident, so they could patrol out here in the country specifically this area.

    I went down the road to the widows house, and told her what had happened, and to call me and not answer her door if someone came calling.
    I was rewarded with a good cup of coffee, and a piece of Rhubarb pie.

    Now, I know that its not right to wish some things, or to think somethings. And I know in my heart Im not a killer, but I sure hope they are stupid enough to try something here before they do at some of my elderly neighbors houses.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
    -Jeff Cooper

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    I say good for you Glockman. If it were a less capable person I would caution answering the door knowing trouble could ensue. Don't think you will be seeing your buddies around your neighborhood for a while.

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    It would appear their victim selection skills are a bit off.

    Good job de-escalating the situation.
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    Wow Glockman. That's quite the night.... I've a feeling these "gentlemen" will not bother you or your neighbors. Glad it turned out ok!

    One chuckler: ...who was toothless ( not uncommon round these parts),

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    Sounds like someone had fun...
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    Ya had to throw the dead bolt.I really hate thieving POS like them,good on warning the neighbors and reporting them to the SO since they know even if there is a theft in the area without any witnesses or physical evidence it would be impossible to charge them unless they confessed
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Now, I know that its not right to wish some things, or to think somethings. And I know in my heart Im not a killer, but I sure hope they are stupid enough to try something here before they do at some of my elderly neighbors houses.
    They probably won't be now.

    Glad you were home.
    Stop whining and go do something that makes a difference!
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    You didn't get the tag # ? LOL....

    It would have been funny to listen to the conversation in that car afterwards.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Glad that worked out well.
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    Them boys just didn't have no luck at all in pickin a house to rob. Not only did they come away empty handed, they got their ears chewed off to boot. Good job!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeye .45 View Post
    It would appear their victim selection skills are a bit off.

    G-man was hoping to do a re-calibration for them.
    "I got a lot of problems with you people!" - Frank Costanza

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    Nicely done glockman!

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    You were awfully polite. Can't say i would have been that nice. You can be my neighbor. Now that they know where you live, while on duty it might be good to go and pay a friendly visit their homes, just so they know that you know.
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    Good job can’t help but wonder if he left with a brown stain in the back of his overalls and a certain “air” about him.
    When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
    "Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way."
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    Guessing you are now off their list for door to door Xmas caroling in December. Well done!
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    It's not a problem til they make it one!

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