Where do keep your nightstand gun

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Thread: Where do keep your nightstand gun

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    Where do keep your nightstand gun

    Curious as to we're you keep your night stand gun when u go to work... I own a safe but it's not a big one that's bolted to the ground. It's a small drawer safe and can easily be picked up an walked away with so I do not leave my glock 23 (glock light, tfo sights, & 15 round mag) in this safe. I do plan on buying a good bolt down safe just don't have the funds right now to put towards one. (wife don't see a need for it =[ ). So when I leave the home I have it hidden up high an outta sight where I do not think a robber would look. Where do you hide ur HD gun when u leave the house for N extended amount of time

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    My night stand gun is the same as my EDC. Any gun you choose should be the one you're most proficient with! Special circumstances excluded.
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    I’ve got a “dedicated” nightstand gun: Walther PPQ-9 with SureFire X400 light Laser that resides in a V-Line Top Drawer pistol safe in my……….nightstand:

    This is so that if I’m gone (I travel quite a bit for work) my wife will still have access. Also, I figured IF anybody breaks in and finds it, the worse I’ll face is a heavy blunt object bolted inside a nightstand drawer.

    My CCW pistol when not worn resides in a different V-Line in the entry closet.

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    My night stand gun is the same as my EDC.
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    My dedicated HD gun stays housed in 7 gauge steel and bolted to my bed frame.

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    I have posted this before. My nightstand table is my safe. I attached a OWB holster to the inside of the door and my EDC sit in the holster at night with my door open and ajar. I can easily slip my hand onto my Glock 26 lying face up or down.
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    I have a drawer safe in my nightstand that houses my EDC G19 and a permanent G20 w/TLR-1s.
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    I bought one of these: V-Line Closet Vault

    Solidly bolted between standard spaced studs (16" on-center), it's made of a decent weight steel, and has three locking mechanisms (upper and lower tube-key locks, and a resettable 5 button lock - I like this last one for single lock at-home access). Mine ran me under $500.
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    Same as others have mentioned, my EDC is my nightstand gun so it goes with me when I leave for work. I do own a few other pistols though and don't need a large safe so I have a small Bulldog safe that is bolted down in my closet. My other pistols live in there when I am not at home.

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    Nightstand gun goes into the safe in the morning and my carry gun comes out at the same time. Thought about getting a drawer safe for the nightstand but since there are no kiddies running around my place I don't feel it is necessary to have the gun locked up at all times, just when I am away. Actually doesn't stay in the nightstand, but in a holster mounted on my bed's frame rail, found it was the fastest and most accessibly place to put it, can easily be reached while lying in the bed or if I were to roll off the side of the bed to the floor.

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