My wife and I have made a purchase of a Fort Knox in 36 inch width.
It can store anywhere up to 24 guns with plenty of other storage for paperwork, etc.
It is spendy, but has all of the options except an inside electrical outlet.
It is in my closet in a space that is 39 wide and 66 inches high.
Oh yeah! About 1400 pounds empty. I took a lot of the info on this site, and bought
a size over what I thought we needed. I am glad I did that. We have an elecrtonic lock, but can
change to tumbler if we want in minutes. SO far, 15 long guns, 6 pistols, and a boatload of paperwork.
Please store ammo some place outside of the safe!
It is made in Utah, and is fitted out with care and quality, IMO. Tom in Oregon