Armed Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting

Armed Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting

This is a discussion on Armed Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I cannot believe that a lawsuit like this can even be filed. Only in California. We need stand your ground laws here. Marin Homeowner Sued ...

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Thread: Armed Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting

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    Armed Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting

    I cannot believe that a lawsuit like this can even be filed. Only in California. We need stand your ground laws here.

    Marin Homeowner Sued By Alleged Burglar Who Shot Him In Face « CBS San Francisco

    I expect this will cost the homeowner a lot of money to defend this unmeritorious lawsuit.

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    Sad state of affairs. I feel sorry for the homeowner, as it could be an expensive proposition. Let us hope the homeowner has an umbrella liability policy that covers legal costs, backed by a very mean insurance company with nasty attorneys that will not settle.
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    The Marin Independent Journal reported Wednesday that Samuel Cutrufelli filed the suit claiming 90-year-old Jay Leone negligently shot him.
    I'm not sure what the negligence is. From the article it seem that the shooting was completely intentional. Anyone know where the negligence is?

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    Gotta luv the Left-Coast. How'd that even make to the court to get filed ?!?
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    Anybody can file for anything. Doesn't mean they will win. Hell hopefully the judge will throw it out. It is the left-coast though, so who knows.

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    Armed Burglar Sues Homeowner For Shooting

    That ain't Texas!
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    Stories like this make me glad that I left CA ten years ago and moved to Texas.

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    That ain't Missouri either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FAS1 View Post
    That ain't Texas!
    You got that right
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    What idiocy. Only in California and Great Britian could this kind of junk happen.
    So..... Leone should also sue the Police Dept for not protecting him.
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    Yup, Eagleks. Just like the UK. I still have family living in that zoo. How can I even wrap my mind around a justice system that doesn't throw this horse manure out of court? If you don't have a good castle doctrine with civil protections you are out of your mind living in that state. Get the heck out and leave it to the criminals. Both the ones wearing colors and the ones wearing suits.
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    don't shoot me, after he pulled the trigger with his gun at the homeowners face, what kind of crooks and court systems do we have to allow this case, is their no honor among thieves he should have thought about his consequences before he tried to pull an armed robbery.. Hope Leone heals quickly..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbp210 View Post
    Stories like this make me glad that I left CA ten years ago and moved to Texas.
    And as soon as I get my retirement I will be joining you!

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    California's turning into England, with every little backward step it takes in the area of defending your life. Allowing a lawsuit by someone caught red-handed in a home invasion and attempted murder? For what ... too much resistance, resisting at all, daring to commit eye-for-an-eye justice on the spot after the felon first tried to kill him?

    Utter moral corruption, in the courts. At least, in that judge's chamber. God help them all.

    If what's being reported is true ...

    About the only failing on the part of the citizen was missing some percentage of his shots.

    It ought to get tossed out on principle: justice, and what's right. IMO, it should never have made it to court.
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    Years ago there was a case of three gents who went in to rob a gun store in Florida I think, don't quote me on the state. In the gun battle that followed two were killed one one left a paraplegic. After it was all over an attorney who had been retained by the bad guy came to the gun store owner and wanted to discuss a settlement for his client who had been the unfortunate victim of the accident in the gun shop that left him paralyzed.

    The gun shop owner threw him out but his he literally had to keep pressure on his insurance company not to settle with the guy as they were more concerned with the cost analysis of the cost of a trial vs a settlement.

    It is a crazy world out there.
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