Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons

This is a discussion on Improvised Weapons within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; What would you use in each room of your home as an improvised weapon(s) -- in the unlikely event you are not with your firearm. ...

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Thread: Improvised Weapons

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    Improvised Weapons

    What would you use in each room of your home as an improvised weapon(s) -- in the unlikely event you are not with your firearm. I know many people will say carry always, but i would venture to guess they don't shower with their holster on.

    Kitchen --- knife
    Bathroom --- shower rod? is their a way to strengthen this?
    Garage baseball bat, 9 iron, shovel ?
    Family Room ???
    Bedroom ???
    Office ???

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    When I shower I always carry a water pistol :)

    Kitchen - probably the 9" chef's knife in the "blade block"
    Bathroom - Oh man... no self respecting home invader would wanna go into my bathroom :)
    Garage - don't have one :(
    Family room - too many weapon options in there... perhaps a Barnett crossbow... good psychological advantage :)
    Bedroom - makes the family room look like a safe place :)
    Office - see Bedroom... plus the office has the multi-view monitor for the security cameras, so not a good chance of anyone surprising us there.

    but also, as you expected, unless I'm showering on in bed, there's always an on-person option.
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    Garage-- all kinds of good stuff hidden away-- plenty of chemicals to be sprayed, tossed.
    Pick-ax should do nicely.

    Kitchen--- knives are hidden away for our safety. Kitchen chair might be a good shield, old TV a bludgeon,
    BOILING WATER if available. Fire extinguishers.

    Office-- Heavy printer, pens, UPSs (pretty weighty), chair

    Living Room-- rolled up old magazine, umbrella, mirror, assorted pottery, fire place irons.

    Bedroom-- they'll have to deal with Mrs. Hopyard. They are on their own and can expect no
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    My wife and attack cat... They wouldn't dare.

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    Garage and utility room, cans of wasp spray and lots of sharp, pointy and heavy tools. Every other room I'm in has a gun. Its in my pocket or on my hip. Bedroom has a Mossy 500w/00 buck in a mattress rack. I only shower while the wife stands guard.

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    Almost everything is a deadly weapon in the right hands. I make my living using tools and don't worry about finding the right tool for the job of self-defense, adaptabilty is an asset and a weapon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uscarry45 View Post
    What would you use in each room of your home as an improvised weapon(s) -- in the unlikely event you are not with your firearm...
    What type of event would cause my firearms to suddenly disappear from the rooms where they are staged?

    Living room - Colt
    Kitchen - Taurus
    Office - Ruger
    Bedroom - Beretta
    Bathroom...Oh wait! I don't have any firearms in my house
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    Just yesterday my wife and I saw a rat in our garage. She was willing to confront him with a broom, while I laid on my stomach looking for him with a hand held spotlight. I flushed the rat, she wasn't effective with the broom, and he made the mistake of running by me. Having no other weapon other than the floodlight, I used it like one of those big cartoon hammers.

    Quickly improvising was very unfortunate for the rat. There are workable tools all around.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    I always just carry a solid metal pen in my pocket, as a backup. Hand to Gland type of defense.

    To answer you queston, anything you can bledgeon someone with.
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    Lets see , in the bedroom socks from all day wear in my Buffalo Boots, bathroom toilet bowel cleaner, kitchen cast iron pot then push BG into disposal, dinning room leaf from table and the front room my handy jo stick or that ugly bowel on the coffee table that some one gave us

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    Keep a can of OC pepper spray in each room. That would be a fairly cheap alternative to a gun in each room. You can even carry one constantly on your belt. In rooms where you're likely to be unclothed like the bathroom or bedroom have a can within easy reach.

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    Living Room-fireplace tools
    Bathroom-aerosol cans (hairspray, etc)
    Kitchen-knives in block on counter
    Basement-its my workshop, lots of weapons there...
    And here's an odd one-in my hallway upstairs we have several guitars hanging on display (signed by bands, we purchased at charity auctions. Kinda like the old cartoon Quickdraw McGraw "el Kabong!" (OK, who remembers that one?)
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    Living Room-Fireplace tools, cats (throw them)
    Bathroom- aerosol products
    Den- Bayonets, knives, sword, displayed guns (I am a collector so there is plenty in there to use )
    Gym- weights, barbell, dumbells

    Not exactly inside but.....I don't run armed but carry sports drinks with me. A good dose of that sprayed in the BG's face would be a good tool
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    I always have a gun on my belt when I am awake. We do have wasp spray in nearly every room...lots of wasps here in Florida.

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    Re: Improvised Weapons

    Quote Originally Posted by GunGeezer View Post
    Garage and utility room, cans of wasp spray and lots of sharp, pointy and heavy tools. Every other room I'm in has a gun. Its in my pocket or on my hip. Bedroom has a Mossy 500w/00 buck in a mattress rack. I only shower while the wife stands guard.
    Made my day. :)

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