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Suggest a gun for an older woman

This is a discussion on Suggest a gun for an older woman within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Nutrodoc I think the Sig P238 is just fine. With Hornaday Critical Defense ammunition or similar modern ammo, a .380 can be ...

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Thread: Suggest a gun for an older woman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nutrodoc View Post
    I think the Sig P238 is just fine. With Hornaday Critical Defense ammunition or similar modern ammo, a .380 can be quite effective. A lot of what we read about "stopping power" is myth. I've heard so much about the incredible stopping power of .45 ACP, yet when a detective friend of mine shot an armed robber in the chest with his .45 1911, the BG ran out the door and across the street before he went down. One woman about your mom's age, MrsHB, cannot pull the trigger of a Ruger SP101 revolver more than once or twice and even that takes great effort. But she can run her P238 - racking, locking the slide, clearing malfunctions - without any problem whatsoever in spite of weakened grip strength due to a previous badly broken wrist. We tried several pistols and the Sig is the best for her.
    I sure hope you're right, since the P238 is my EDC. I agree that it's ridiculously easy to rack, lock, and clear the *rare* malfunction... not to mention it's accurate, fun to shoot, AND oh so easy to conceal and carry. That being said - I like to shoot steels and the oomph? It just.ain't.there. for the .380. Shoot the target and it flinches...yet stands. It's sad, really. Give me a shotgun any day I don't have to wear a trench coat. And at home... we know trench coats are strictly optional. )

    The original post says the arthritic problem is mild. Then a pump shotgun should be fine. The recoil on a .410 or a 20 gauge is minimal and working the pump doesn't take much effort. Whether pistol or shotgun, training and regular practice is crucial - even if it is only intended for home protection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
    ^I'm in this camp here^^^^^^^^^^^^

    PS, I wouldn't loan her a firearm. go buy one pronto FOR her.
    Although I don't think there is any problem with you buying a gun and then giving it to her as a gift you could also take her with you to the store and let her buy it with you just giving her the money for the purchase. This would certainly eliminate any possibility of getting dinged for a "straw purchase".

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    True. I guess giving a gun to somebody is a no no w/out the papers to go along with it. Momentary lapse of brain function.

    I initially ruled out the shotguns but, will be giving some youth models a second look.

    That may be the best bet after all.

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    I'm getting my wife a S&W Bodyguard (5-rd snub-nosed .38) for Christmas because she can't even rack my .40 cal Glock. Sure, I could get her a semi-auto pea-shooter but she's better off with a .38 IMO.

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