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What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

This is a discussion on What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hand-me-down poodle with one eye that has a cataract. She can't see or hear very well but she's one heck of a smeller. Insists on ...

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Thread: What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

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    Hand-me-down poodle with one eye that has a cataract. She can't see or hear very well but she's one heck of a smeller. Insists on walking point and barking at any dog that dares to bark at her. Totally useless as a watchdog or guard dog but helps me develop/maintain my SA since she is so defenseless.
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    What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?-281331_134682116623164_5999507_n.jpg
    This is Buster, not sure what he is but he was the last survivor of an abandoned litter that I found in the woods and he is a great watch and guard dog.
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    Two a speed bump rat terrier and others mixed in but she has heart.
    Then Pretzel a Blue healer he is one of the larger of the breed at 1 year this week he is 53 pounds . Right now he is like having a 4 year old kid around.

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    What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?-chase-gb-hat-.jpg

    He will bark if he needs to alert me, I have my M4 ready.

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    I have a young Black Lab. She barks at strange noises, people walking past the house (I live on a corner lot), the cat, squirrels, birds & any other critter. When someone comes into the house she'll jump on them & lick them, tail wagging wildly. That's usually after barking & running around in a circle for happiness. That goes for friends, relatives & strangers. Very intelligent & a fast learner. Obeys commands instantly. If I was younger I'd train her for S&R.

    Up until last February I had a large Siberian Husky. She died 2 days before her 14th birthday. Gentle as can be but when I walked her around the neighborhood some punk-types would cross the street rather than pass us. She definitely had a wolf-like look & would howl rather than bark. You could hear the howl from a long way off so everyone within earshot knew a wolf lived here. Very intelligent but stubborn when it came to commands. You could tell she understood everything we said but she'd react or obey on her own good time. She'd obey but not before it was understood who was the boss. Very loyal. Used her several times for S&R. She was very sensitive to dead things & once dug up a raccoon skull at over a foot deep & tracked a deer carcass about a mile. The deer was freshly dead & didn't even smell yet, at least I couldn't smell it. It was in a nearby state forest & I told the Ranger about it. After investigation he figured the doe died a natural death as it was quite old.

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    I have a Chow/Lab/something else mix - the one in my avvy. She's a great guard dog because she's smart and I took the time to train her well. Chows are a breed that you don't want to leave to their own devices - you have to tell them when it's ok or not to be aggressive. (Having used the word "aggressive" I have to say, she has never shown any true aggression or we probably wouldn't keep her around, she's defensive in the truest sense of the word.) I think she's great, but I wouldn't advocate the Chow breed for a casual dog owner. Also, it seems that the mixes are a bit easier to train - her Chow/Lab daddy's owner said the halfbreed was a much better dog than their previous purebred.
    I really don't think she would "attack" anyone unless they tried to grab or restrain her, but she puts on a really convincing show and nobody has wanted to test their luck.

    After she was 4 and well trained, we got an adult Lab to keep her company when we were working a lot. His sheer size scares people (and I find that amusing). He has proven to know the difference in random strangers (who he brings a ball and tries to entice them to play fetch) and those who may be trying to cause us harm (he has hackled up and growled when it was appropriate), so he turned out to be an ok "guard" dog as well. He doesn't like strange dogs coming on our property, which was an asset when I kept livestock, but he is OK with them on neutral ground (the park, wherever) so it's not a problem in public.

    They have scared off a few bad guys, and alerted us to suspicious people, which is all I really want/expect from them. They earn their keep and I love them.
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    Nothing gets past our little Poodle. An attack dog he ain't but if anything or anyone out of the ordinary approaches he's all over it. He makes enough noise to wake the dead and if he could reach the phone he'd probably even call 911 for us.

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    Mini Dachshund with an alligator mouth and hummingbird butt. But he'll definitely let you know when he hears something. If they came it he'd probably suck up and try to get petted.
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    Better watch your ankles if you ever come into our house unannounced... you might sprain one tripping over ours as she tries to get out of your way.

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    Two Chihuahuas and a Pit Bull. The Chihuahuas are good at notifying if there is anyone approaching or coming in. The youngest yaps at everyone, including me, when I come in the door. The oldest one howls when the youngest starts barking. And the Pit is still a youngster (not even a year old yet) but he's big and does not stand for anyone he doesn't know. If someone comes over who hasn't been, we need to either hold his collar or put him in his kennel.
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    GSD. Yes -OUTSTANDING watchdog
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    Mini schnauzer, he definitely lets you know if something is up,so he's a great alerting dog,but size precludes him being a guard dog. I did have a GSD and Husky that had to be surrendered due to wife's health issues, they worked well as a pair, the husky was the face and GSD was the voice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocT65 View Post
    .....For most persons, a good "alerting dog" will suffice. In this instance, you simply want a dog who will alert to the presence of strangers in a reliable way and is otherwise a good pet........

    Sage advice here.

    I had a wonderful, big, super-friendly Black Lab. But he had a ferocious bark and a very deep growl at strange noises. Even my LEO buddy remarked about how much of a deterrent that bark would have been to a 'bad guy'. But my Lab is barking in doggie-Heaven now.
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    See avatar... I have a 7 year old rottie that has been socialized with people and other animals. He loves both and is very friendly, but, he knows when something is not quite right. Rotties are not quick reactionary dogs, they are the laid back, wait and see how it pans out type. But when the threshold for him to react is crossed..., pity the fool.
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    German shepherd. She will notice anyone/anythjng outside and let you know. She has a different bark/growl and it is very noticeable when she does not like what is outside.
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