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What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

This is a discussion on What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; AdBro, thanks for a great thread. I absolutely love dogs.....as many obviously do. While I'm an admitted GSD bigot, there are obviously a lot of ...

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Thread: What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

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    AdBro, thanks for a great thread. I absolutely love dogs.....as many obviously do. While I'm an admitted GSD bigot, there are obviously a lot of great dogs out there as well as owners that love 'em.

    Great stuff!
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    I have a cocker spaniel. She was a great watch dog 4 years ago, but now that she's 13 and deaf, I can only hope the smell of her breath keeps the BGs away.

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    We have 2 dogs, a Belgian Malinois and a GSD that are absolutely awesome with the boys, stick to them like velcro and know who belongs and doesn't.

    Well one day I got this really great idea, had a buddy from work that the dogs do not know knock on the windows and rattle the door handle when we weren't home. What a mistake, try to explain to the wife why the interior door and walls are scratched to hell and the new drapes are shredded and in the trash.

    Oh by the way, that co-worker said he has no intention of stopping by ever again, said it was like someone flipped a switch as soon as he touched the window, didn't have the guts to attempt grabbing the door handle.

    I love my dogs.
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    Dachshunds...big bark in small package. They don't like too many people, and definitely don't like most dogs.
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    We have 2 dogs, a chiuahua mix and a Rottweiler. The little mix is an annoying litlle yapper - barks at everything and scared of his own shadow. An overall useless animal, but the kid's like him. The Rottweiler is hands down the best dog we've ever owned. She's great with the kids, will warm up to strangers if I let her know it's ok but barks and growls at first. She only barks if there's a reason too. One day a couple years ago when I called the police out here, she was in the laundry room where there's a side door leading outside with frosted glass. She was jumping on the glass barking and one of the deputies said "my God WHAT KIND OF DOG IS THAT?!" she was upset I was outside with strangers ad she was in. She's never shown aggressiveness, she'll calm down if she can be a part of it and I tell her it's ok. If the kid's have a friend over though and they get to rough housing she gets upset, I do worry she'll think one of the kid's is in danger - I kick the kid's outside if they get too rough.

    She's never been trained as a guard dog, she's just protective of her people by nature. Great with any other animal that's been around here, from cats to small dogs to bunnies. She sheds something awful. And trying to get home owners insurance was terrible with a "bad breed" We pay a high amount thanks to her.

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    Mine is a Bug. She's pretty protective.

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    some dogs are better at following policies and procedures than others

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    Two older small mixed, rescued "somethings" that will bark up a storm if one of the other dogs barks first.

    My "pal" who is a Border Collie and a posterchild for OCD and will kill himself to catch a Frisbe.

    About 5 years ago, due to the nature of my professional work, there were concerns about my wife's safety while I was gone, so we got another rescue dog--she is a Rot and something?? else mix. She is very protective and follows my wife everywhere. Sadly, she is getting up there in years now, so we now have another Rot puppy who is learning the ropes.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis1209 View Post
    For those of you that have Pit Bulls for watch dogs, how would you rate them as "watch dogs"? I would rather rescue a dog from the pound if possible that meets my needs.
    I have two American Staffordshire Terriers (commonly known as pit bulls), along with a mix yellow lab and a cat. We do controlled "socializing" of all of our dogs, and they respond to any unknowns with seriously intimidating barks/growls. All three dogs are fairly good size from 60pds to about 85. The sight of them will deter most, but once properly introduced, they will love you unconditionally. I have owned pits most of my life and they are plenty good for the job and are very loyal.

    The "pit-bull" breed is unique in the sense that the name actually includes several different breeds. If you are looking at getting one from a shelter that is not a puppy with papers, you should consider having the dog evaluated medically as well as behaviorally by a qualified professional. The "pit bull" breed has attracted a lot of attention by fools who mishandle them and dispose of them when results are not what they wished for. Shelters are havens for mistreated mature-aged dogs who have undocumented issues that need to be addressed carefully, and that is not limited to just pit bulls. I'm pro rescue shelters (far more than purchased breeds), but dogs are animals and need to be treated as such to be the most stable and predictable.

    Training a true guard dog should be left to professionals who also provide the dog owner with proper handling training. Most any "youthful" dog will respond to strangers and things that go bump in the night. Dogs have great senses and anyone who enters it's domain with ill intent is likely to be detected by even the most gentle of lap dogs.

    My cat is also very much a part of my early alert system. She often detects things before the dogs even sense anything, and in some cases she alerts them. If she bursts into a sprint on her prowl, the dogs immediately are interested in whatever she has locked on to.

    Pets are great tools for the family. For companionship as well as security!
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    Re: What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

    We have a Press Canario. She's great with my kids and a very very very good guard dog.

    She has been through proper training along with my wife and I, so we know how to handle her. These are not dogs for a passive owner.

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    Our last dog was a Golden Retriever. Pretty much useless as either...too friendly. Would probably HELP a burglar carry the loot out to his car.
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    My little dachshund is a great watch dog. He is very alert and always warns of anyone around our house. My SP-101 does the protecting.


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    What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

    Pitbull.....great watch dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by lchamp View Post
    No dog...but our parrot will tear large bloody holes in anyone other than family...very painful and a fine distraction for an intruder.
    Now you just need to teach it to say "Hi, I'm a pretty boy, please pet me" so that your guard parrot can do it's job.
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    Two Border Collies. Very smart and very loud when strangers approach.
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