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What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

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Thread: What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

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    What a great thread! I don't disagree with anyone, but would add these notes based on current or past ownership, YMMV:

    GSD: Love ours, think they are GREAT dogs, but you must be very careful and get them from an outstanding breeder with a solid track record. They SHED! We call our the German SHEDDER Dog. Poorly bred GSD can be crazy/neurotic/etc.

    Huskies: Perpetual 3 year olds that never loose their playfulness. They NEED to pull a sled 20 miles everyday and can be destructive if bored. Training difficult, and I could never count on it. They are like 8 year old boys, perpetually.

    Dobermans: Great solid dogs only behind GSD's BUT their short coats may make them inappropriate for WI winters. Ours loved snow but the poor girl got cold fast. Her shivers made me wince. She even had shearling coats. Sheds short black hair.

    Border collie: Very smart, like GSD's and Dobies, super high energy, need 10 acres to run

    Standard Poodle:
    Fantastic dogs. Tops on the smart scale, very trainable, natural retrievers, sociable. Drawback is grooming and their coats pick up burrs. Easy to train, great companion dogs. Tops on my scale. NO SHEDDING!

    Goldens: Love them but they shed, very mellow

    Labs: Shed and slobber

    There is a great "Dog Characteristics" book that is dead on correct, written by world famous trainers. I'll track it down and post the name here in a minute.

    Good Dog, Bad Dog, New and Revised: Dog Training Made Easy - Mordecai Siegal, Matthew Margolis - Google Books

    Good Dog, Bad Dog by Mordecai Siegal, Matthew Margolis: The descriptions of breeds are perfect and have positive and negative characteristics, training strengths and weaknesses, where they might or might not be appropriate, etc. This book is worth it's weight in gold!

    Edited to Add:

    Giant Schnauzer: As smart as any Standard Poodle, very protective and very intimidating while being calm and companionable. Fantastic breed! Quiet until aroused then a bark like a male lion. DO NOT SHED.

    Miniature Schnauzers: Ratters, yippy, stubborn

    Mutts: You never know what will develop. My son got the stupidest dog I've ever known.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilloc View Post
    We have a Press Canario. She's great with my kids and a very very very good guard dog.

    She has been through proper training along with my wife and I, so we know how to handle her. These are not dogs for a passive owner.
    We need to see this dog. Why are the rest of you not posting pics?
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    What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?-imag0694.jpgWhat kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?-imag0666.jpg

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    What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

    What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?-imageuploadedbytapatalk1355005910.049888.jpg
    This pic about sums up the usefulness of my Golden Retriever an German Shorthair. I suppose an intruder could trip over one of them, if they were actually sleeping on the floor.

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    A labordoodle who is mostly blind...He's excellent because he has a unique bark when someone is actually on the property which gives me time to get my gun. All I need. Bark...I will handle the rest.
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    German Boxers- Fantastic guard dogs that hate anyone not invited into our house. I pitty the fool who would try to get past them......P.S. They are fantastic with the kids and anyone who is invited. They take borderline abuse from my two kids and just want to be in the mix of everything.
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    I have a Pit/German Shepherd mix. She's a great watch dog, and the smartest dog I've ever owned. Also the most stubborn

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    Vandelay welcome to the forum.

    That to me is a good looking girl you have there.

    My girl is a Staffordshire Terrier mix rescue. Smart as a whip and stubborn as a mule.

    What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?-photo.jpg Miss Jessie 15yoa
    click image to enlarge....


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    Bailey is a Black Lab we picked up a little over a month ago. Is she a good watch dog? Oh yes, she is. She notices EVERYTHING!
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    2 Labs, 1 ancient Golden mix, and 2 Wheaten terriers. Collectively, there's precious little that they don't notice in the yard or on the street, 24/7. Most would lick an actual intruder to death, but the 90-pound black Lab female stands apart from the rest and has shown strong defensive tendencies with unknown strangers in the house.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?-dscn0607rer7.pg.jpg  

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    We have two Boxers, 5.5 years and 1.5 years. The older one does not trust anybody,the younger boy only likes people if we let them in. They are inside 50% of the time. Not sure what they would do in a break-in but they sound and look ferocious. We also have a large spaniel,8 years,he would lick a crook to death. The main thing I am confident in, our boxers would wake us up,they always know when someone is walking by or pulls in the driveway. Best alarm system in the world.
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    My avatar is our pitt mix. She barks up a storm if there is even so much as a bird or squirell in "her" yard. But as soon as anyone gets in the door it is all about licking and getting pet. Very intimidating from the outside, and great at alerting us. Who knows what would happen if an intruder broke in. I'm hoping she could sense the difference. She HATES hoodies.
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    We have 4 Springer Spaniels. Two are 13 so they won't hear anything but the 2 year old and the 5 year old will be great alert dogs. The 5 year old (Hunter) would be a biter if you're not familiar to us. The barks as an alarm are the main thing, we'll take over from there!
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    We have a Great Dane named Jedi. He is 185 lbs, his shoulders are 42" off the floor, he is all black. When he is out in the fenced (4') backyard, he patrols, looking over the fence (front paws up on the top of fence) and making a heck of a commotion at anything that moves.

    Indoors he will answer the front door, but not much noise. We have a lot of stained/regular glass in our front door, I'm relying on people seeing him and having second thoughts. Break a back window and come in, I don't know what he would do. But he is apparently intimidating, on trail walks, when we meet someone coming at us around a corner, they stop in their tracks.

    Jedi is a very lovable, lazy, great with kids pet though. Wouldn't trade him for Lassie.

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    Re: What kind of dog do you own? Are they a good watch/guard dog?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackheart6 View Post
    We have a Great Dane .............he is all black..
    So he is a Tactical Dane?

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