Ccw holder involved in deadly force incident

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Thread: Ccw holder involved in deadly force incident

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    Ccw holder involved in deadly force incident

    Waterville ,Maine

    Last week, we had another idiot that makes thecarry community look like we are a bunch of cowboys.It seems the two me were at a local bar drinking.
    It's allright to bring a handgun to a bar as long as your blood level is lower than .08 going in or coming out.It seems our shooter got into a fight inside
    the bar with a 26 year old man.Upon leaving the bar the shooter pulled his 9mm and shot the other puglist in the face because he feared for his life.
    The shooter is now in jail being charged with murder.He said he feared for his life so he used his firearm.He didn't remove himself from this event instead
    he went and used his pistol.

    If you take the time to obtain a CCW it's your responsiblity to understand the laws we follow so this catistrophic event doesn't destroy your family and your families
    and losing your freedom which is priceless.I easiest way to remember,you,I can only use deadly force as the last resort.Avoidence,avoidence are the words any new ccw holder must follow as well as the old timers. Stay safe !

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    Does avoidance really need to be the law?! I really have no desire to shoot anyone. This does not mean I won't shoot if my life is in danger. I figure it this way. I should stay out of places I know there is going to be trouble. Avoid, as much as I can, place I think there might be trouble and keep a watch on my surroundings where trouble shouldn't be but could be. If I see trouble coming and I can get out of it's way I am sure going to try.
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    I'm in clubs and bars at times while armed. I learned a long time ago, don't argue or debate with a drunk and how to walk away. I don't drink, so my alcohol level will be zero. A gun, is not there to resolve conflicts, arguments, challenges, insults to someone's ego, etc. They are there ..... in order to stop someone who is trying to kill you and your life is in jeopardy. Now, if the 26 year old dummy pulls a machete out of his truck and/or a gun and is wanting to stick it in my face, that's one thing. But, if he's just being ass because he should have stopped 3 drinks before he did, then I'll just walk away and wish him a good evening. .....

    I do not and will not use the word "avoidance" ..... because "avoidance" implies to me that you 'have to ' walk away if someone is threatening or trying to cause you harm. I would use the words, "good sense and good judgment" .... on when something is wise or unwise to do, or to push your luck when it's not necessary.
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