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School Security in Israel

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Thread: School Security in Israel

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    No sense of style at all in my opinion.

    A black M4 would match her hand bag much better.


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    Okay, I've had enough of the media-sensationalized anti-gun fervor.

    Terror & violence are the historically-preferred methods for the strong to impose their will upon the weak. In early history, rocks & sticks were handy leverage with which to accomplish those goals. So, those same rocks & sticks were also employed as defensive tools. Later, technology gave mankind sharp metal devices, making rocks & sticks comparatively less effective. So, those same sharp metal devices were then employed as defensive tools. Even later, technology gave mankind firearms, making sharp metal devices comparatively less effective. So, those same firearms are now being deployed as defensive tools as well. Rocks & sticks didn't commit violence, people throwing & swinging them did. Yet people throwing & swinging them also provided some protection for the intended victim. Ditto for sharp metal devices. Ditto for firearms. Any restriction of the ownership & possession of society's most effective tools for the weak to protect themselves from the oppression of the strong is a CRIMINAL ACT against society. Guns are here & accessible, there's nothing we can do to put that genie back in the bottle (no country in the world has succeeded). But, in the complete absence of firearms, these murderous, violent acts are STILL EASILY ACCOMPLISHED using other technologies. Firearms are merely the MOST EFFECTIVE current technology with which the strong murder the weak. As so, are also the MOST EFFECTIVE current technology with which weak may...resist the advances of murders. Therefore, taking guns away from our society's most COOPERATIVE (re: law abiding) members is both immoral...AND illogical.
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    Therefore, taking guns away from our society's most COOPERATIVE (re: law abiding) members is both immoral...AND illogical.

    Well said.
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    * USA, massacre in restaurant -- 1 assailant; 21 dead and 19 injured; zero citizens armed to thwart the attack.

    * Israel, massacre attempt in restaurant -- 3 assailants; 1 dead; multiple citizens rising to take out the attackers; and one of the surviving assailants later claims it's "unfair" to have such a heavily-armed citizenry.

    Pretty stark example, there, goawayfarm.

    That pretty much shows what's possible, between a disarmed and an armed society. Criminals will still find their way to weaponry, and they'll still make the murderous attempts on innocents, but they're far more likely to meet heavy resistance only when a citizenry is well-armed. No real way around that.
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    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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