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But he was a good boy who didn't deserve to die!! That's what all the relatives of the low life punks that wind up DRT say. JUST ONCE I would like to hear little Billy's cousin go on TV and say "YES he was a no good punk and got what he deserved" but I ain't holding my breath.
Years ago some drunk lay down between the train tracks to watch the train pass over him. He neglected the Bernoulli effect, which causes suction with high velocity air. The found pieces for quite some distance, and the State Police Officer they interviewed said, "It was a stupid thing to do." I was astonished at his candor!

So were others, unfortunately, who jumped all over him for what he said. Sigh. NEWSFLASH: it really WAS a stupid thing for him to do!

And it is a bad-guy thing to break into houses and threaten people: we're surprised when bad-guy results happen to people who do that? I'm not. But I am sad for the parents and pals living in their fantasy worlds.