My Comment: You just to have to choose which message you will accept! That is on you, voters decided. Pick carefully next time!

.................The candidate’s blunt, dismissive remark cheered one side of America’s long-polarized debate about guns and alienated the other. But it overlooked the salient reality that the rifle-toting voter was able to buy it legally even under a law that theoretically banned assault weapons and was co-written by Mr. Biden. (Where is he now?)

My Comments: Even though Dianne Feinstien does not care, and they/them/Antis used a maneuver to creep up on you, could you'all just send our Congress Critters a letter or FAX (a FAX of your hand written letter) to remind them that they are 'really annoying the rest of us' right now? We would all benefit from this. Especially since we/everyone might just be talking a 'Big Game' here. We loose any ground now............... = Over = end game for Progressives on Gun Control = they win.

Just passing this one on - neutral - :