Suspicious NYE Activity

Suspicious NYE Activity

This is a discussion on Suspicious NYE Activity within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Sitting on the couch around 5pm last night watching tv with my wife. All of the sudden someone is pounding on the door. I get ...

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Thread: Suspicious NYE Activity

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    Suspicious NYE Activity

    Sitting on the couch around 5pm last night watching tv with my wife. All of the sudden someone is pounding on the door. I get up and look outside to see no vehicle, but as i peek through the glass I see a young guy, kind of stupid looking, standing not on my front steps but on my grass about 10 feet from the door. I yell to him through the door (never open it unless I know someone is coming over or it's fedex) what he wants. He replies twice but I can't understand him. The third time I am able to understand he says he is selling firewood? ***? No truck, no car, just on foot pounding on my door selling firewood on new year's eve?

    What bothers me is we started watching the show before the sun went down so the shades were up- so how long was he out there looking at us. He definitely saw my wife run into the bedroom to grab a gun though which may be why he was on the lawn by the time I saw him. He only would have seen her leave the room though, not holding a gun. We don't brandish firearms ; )

    Anyway we called the police and explained they seemed like they were checking houses to rob or were seriously just idiot drug addicts peddling door to door. While I was on the phone with the cops I heard a loud whistle and saw a pickup truck outside and see a guy running to the truck. By this point I have my shotgun out as well loaded with 00 buck and I don't know what the hell is about to happen. Then the truck took off and they were gone.

    All of this in a period of 5 - 10 minutes. Really disturbing. Why was he on my lawn and not the door step? Was there someone standing out of sight waiting for me to open the door? This re-enforced to my wife again NEVER open the door, EVER EVER EVER and this is a safe town. Also, I generally keep my 9mm in the bottom of the coffee table while I am watching tv and keep the alarm on. Because it was early and I was out of routine with the day off neither of those were the case. Lesson learned.

    Be safe!

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    Take no chances..........IMO.......not worth it....that's why I let our GS always answer the door first......if ya still want in.......It's On.....unless your expected.

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    Never open the door for a stranger!

    Sounds like they were checking houses to see who was out at the bar.
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    Often someone will step outside my small enclosed entry and stand outside the screened door after knocking/ringing. I'm sure they realize that these days people are leery of strangers knocking/ringing at the door. And with the layout of my house, if they were to park of the far side of the driveway, I couldn't see their vehicle from my door or living room. So nothing overtly suspicious there.

    But selling firewood after dark isn't the brightest idea to makes sales. Sounds like you made the appropriate response.
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    My shades aren't up where people can look in the windows and see where I might be and what I'm doing,Saw a show of the first 48 where a woman was murdered,when they started investigating they noticed an New empty box for a Big Screen TV and a laptop,neither one was in the house,some kids saw her bring her new stuff home and robbed her.
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    Whatever anyone is selling after dark, I don't need any. Probably not during the light of day either. Good call on your part.
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    Do you have a doorbell?

    Most likely they were looking for unoccupied houses to burglarize since they can be pretty sure that no one will be home until after midnight on New Year's Eve.
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    I agree sounds like they were fishing.

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    I've had guys like this in the past selling firewood from the back of a truck. There was a truck coming slowly down the street following a few of the other door-to-door knockers, and I confirmed that it was loaded with logs as they idled by. They were only guilty of stupidity...there aren't alot of fireplaces in this area.

    He may have been on the lawn because they've had bad reactions during past runs. You were right to not open the door. Better safe...
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