Which would you choose?

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Thread: Which would you choose?

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    Which would you choose?

    Let's just say you are looking for a home defense pistol. One choice is a 45acp that holds 10 rounds. You will be loading it with Gold Dot 230 grain hollow points. Your other choice is a 9mm that holds 17 rounds. You will be loading it with Gold Dot 124 grain +P rounds. You shoot both guns equally well. Recoil from either gun is not an issue. Your wife does not shoot. Which would you choose as a nightstand gun for defending your home? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Glock 21 with Tac light............that's a home defense gun...IMO.

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    I would lean toward the 10 rounds of .45 ACP.
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    I currently carry a 9mm, but I would go with the .45. My next handgun will be in that caliber.

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    That's a real coin-flipper for me. I wouldn't feel under-armed with either choice, regardless of your suggested round count. For me, it comes down to the gun I can rely on, the one that fits my hand well, and the one with night sights. At the moment, for me that's a 4-inch Kimber .45 with 8+1, but it could just as easily be a CZ75B in 9mm with 16+1.
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    Whichever was closest.
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    The 45 I would not use gold dot Hp I would load 230 grain ball. The extra rounds would not be a big deal in HD the stopping power if a less than prefect hit with the 45 would be IMO.
    I do however also have a Double stack 45 that hold 14 rounds so your down to 3 less ?

    Sorry had before I turned them all in to the government.

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    What guns are we talking about? I'd go with 9mm due to the higher capacity, but I really don't think you could go wrong with either.

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    In this scenario I'm going for the 17 rounds in case of multiple attackers.
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    .45. I feel like the entire point of 9mm/5.56 is so you can carry massive amounts of ammo when out and about, hence why it is used in the military. If you're sitting in your bedroom with 6 extra mags and a 12 gauge near by, I'd go for .45.

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    I sort of made that same decision by switching from this:

    To this, loaded with 147 grn Golden Sabers:

    I’m one of those guys that believe there’s really not a lot of difference between adequate SD calibers that are loaded with modern defensive ammo. The major reason I switch was to move to a platform/caliber that my wife was more comfortable with. She was not fond of either the DA to SA conversion or the recoil of the .45ACP. I believe the pistol is just to get me to this:

    Your wife might not “choose” to shoot, but someday she might “have” to shoot.

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    The one I can get my hands on first and teach my wife to shoot

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    In this scenario I'm going to choose the .357 8 shot revolver. Mainly for the ability to mix ammo and be able to escalate with the one handgun. From .38 snakeshot, .38 frangibles, heavy .357.s to lightweight .357's or .38+p. I can have an array of self defense ammo in one gun... or not mix it up, and go with one recipe.

    Oh you say I have to choose what you want me to choose? 9mm or .45? Nope... I rarely if ever allow anyone to choose for me.

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    Which caliber can you and your Wife afford to practice with? Which pistol does she successfully able to operate? Two critical issues. If all she is required to do is pick one up and hope for the best, I doubt one has an advantage over the other....... I really like Secret Spuks suggestion, but it wasn't one of your options. Sandpiper

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