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biometric rifle WALL safe?

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Thread: biometric rifle WALL safe?

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    Thank you!!!! Now you know why I get others to help me think through things

    I really like the idea of taking a chance on hitting the pex line in the floor though, would make for an interesting afternoon.
    Now that is just plain mean You have NO idea (well, then maybe you do) the plex pipes sit in a concrete/sand matrix. Fixing that would be so ugly.....

    At the same time, I am not a complete tool with wood. I made this: biometric rifle WALL safe?-006.jpg
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    Looks very nice.

    What time is dinnner?
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Another brand - ShotLock. Quick pushbutton access.
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    biometric rifle WALL safe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Scott View Post
    OK, been doing some re-thinking here.

    Rather than put a Barska safe into the wall, I could buy another free-standing gun safe (like an 8 or 14 gun size). But then, how do you anchor it to keep any thieves from simply picking is up and carrying it away, or using a dolly to get it out of the house? I know that some safes have a hole or three in the bottom to bolt them into the floor--however, my house has radiant floor heating--so, I don't want to drill thru one of the pex-pipes for the heating system--that would be ugly, as well and embarassing and costly.

    Any bright ideas out there??
    Hmm I want to get one of those Barska safes as well.. Let me know what you end up doing
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    I am a big fan of a wall safe. In fact, I am thinking of two. One small one in the bed room for hand guns and limited stuff. The other, is something that I saw I a historic home similar to mine. They took the brick lined coal bin (6 by 12 room) and put a custom safe door on it for their wine collection. I don't drink wine...

    I like biometric as long as there is a backup. My wife wife wants full access to all the guns incase someone breaks into the house.

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