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Layers of protection for your home.

This is a discussion on Layers of protection for your home. within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I guess how much you put into your home defense kinda depends on what you have to protect. MOST of us probably will only face ...

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Thread: Layers of protection for your home.

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    I guess how much you put into your home defense kinda depends on what you have to protect. MOST of us probably will only face casual/opportunistic type burglars. If you were to put up bars and make your home look like a pawn shop - opportunists would automatically assume you had something to protect.
    I'm obviously not saying your kids and such aren't worth it, but if nobody in your neighborhood has bars, your house is gonna stand out. My automatic thought would be "what's he got that's so special?" There's a house I used to pass with high chainlink and barbed wire at the top and that's my exact thought about them. Looks like a prison and I wonder why they feel the need? However, there's another house that has two dogs and an electric strand near the top of their fence - just seems like a way to keep the dogs in, rather than like a defensive measure but I bet it works for both!!!
    Somebody visited our neighborhood in an Escalade once - stuck out like a sore thumb!!! Perhaps if you want to drive something like that make sure you don't live in a neighborhood where the car costs as much as the houses. Those of us with several-year old cars don't look quite as much like targets in my hood, bonus points if you are seen under the hood regularly - even if just to check the oil, someone driving by would assume you were broke. I'm not saying you have to drive junk, but rather than building a mote around your house, don't stick out.

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    I simply just painted my house with invisible paint..... The paint is available at Home Depot..... You have to ask for it.....
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    Layer 1 - Glock 26
    Layer 2 - Glock 19
    Layer 3- Glock 17

    ....and the last layer Glock 30SF, .45acp.

    ....go ahead and kick in my door.
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    Disclamier: I did not read every post so if someone has posted it, my apologies.

    Also, from a Home invasion aspect, I've installed "Jamb Armor" to both door points of entry to my Home. The makers guarantee 30 minutes kicking (they have a Youtoob vid of a huge Mongo-like dude trying to)...the kits cost me about $50/door, and took about 15 minutes a pice to install. They harden the jamb, bolt(s), and hingese...they rock.

    Remember, most Home Invaders' point of entry (AKA: breech) is a door...

    be safe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by harrymut View Post
    That works. Do you also keep your alligator hungry?
    You mean like this guy? Layers of protection for your home.-dscf5230.jpg

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    You could simply post a sign on your property that intruders will be tied restrained and forced to watch My Little Pony. That would keep me away.

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    Alarm system, surveillance cameras, dog, motion sensors around the house perimeter, good locks on the doors, good lighting on both yards, security company sign on front yard, and plenty of firepower inside. That should be about enough to dissuade a thug from entering my home or at least to alert me and give me enough time to reach my Mossberg to send him for a nice long dirt nap.
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    Might I suggest moving to a safer area. Guns are scary, dogs eat too much, and all those electronics cost so much money and have wires sticking out everywhere!! I live on an island and we don't even have doors or windows.

    Good thread. I actually just like a well lit home with an alarm. Good neighbors who watch everything also helps. If all else fails I have one of those crazy AR thingy's....
    It's not a problem til they make it one!

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    we are retired an live in Florida in a gated community with abunch of other retired folks. If you know anything about us old guys were all armed none of us sleep much all of our wifes have little yappy dogs. You cant sneeze here without someone asking how you are, it would be hard to get in here an cause much trouble without a herd of us coming out shooting. I think our greatest danger would be stray rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCSoxFan View Post
    You could simply post a sign on your property that intruders will be tied restrained and forced to watch My Little Pony. That would keep me away.

    We have a sign on our team room door @ work:

    "Tresspassers will be hog tied and told they have a purty mouth"

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    I have two dogs outside my bedroom window. Labs would let you do just about anything to them and still love you but they bark whenever someone pulls in the drive and they really go nuts if it is an unfamiliar vehicle (even friends that come over occasionally).

    Also security system and keep firearms close : )

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    Guns, whether Remingtons 'er Glocks.
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    Living in an apartment complex, my options are limited. When I moved in I reinforced the door jamb and upgraded the locks at my own exspense. The sliding glass doors in my living room and master bedroom have the loudest alarms i could find ( 150 Dcb?), require pass code to turn off, and the siren is seperate from the sensor and hidden making it difficult to find or destroy ( I hide them inside the frame of my sleigh bed out of sight. I have a 100 lumen flashlight in everyroom, and usually have one in my pocket as well. I always carry in my apt, and if for some reason I need to retreat, I have a glock 22 and spare mag strategically located at the bedroom doorway. I also keep a mossberg 500 loaded with slugs for laying down some serious heat. Yes I said slugs, but the only direction I would be able to shoot them is a clear shot if a slug goes through and through.
    ”God grants Liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”
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    I think if you have any thing to secure your house you can't stop person if he comes for any violent things.But you can do some think that can stop him until any security staff reached there like if you have a alarm monitoring service you can alert the security staff and you can stop the man with gun until the security officer reached.

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    1. Motion detector lights that include the following- high flood lights on all sides of my house, lights at every entrance, and lights at garage. If you walk around my house, lights will follow you around the house. I have an emergency light switch both in my bedroom and main floor that will turn on all flood lights on if we hear anything. The lights have been the best thing. No shadows to hide in.

    2. Small dog that alerts us to noise.

    3. Security alarm....a must

    4. a hand gun on all 3 floors in a quick access safe.

    5. always lock doors!!!!

    This is our families very simple plan.

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    My layers of protection are, and not necessarily in order, a locked door, a Glock 30 with a G21 mag, a pair of S&W 3rd Gens, a 20 ga shotgun, and my bad attitude. They get thru all that, they're welcome to what's left.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
    Lighten up and enjoy life because:
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