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Thread: do your neighbors know

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    I live and work in a small rural community. We only have about 14 staff on our ambulance service including part time people. Almost everyone I work with hunt or has guns in some form or another so the people I work with know I have "a pretty sizeable collection" by their standards.

    I was a swat medic for about 9 years, and during that time I was a certified instructor in defensive tactics, ground fighting and a few other disciplines, so all the LEO's know I have guns. In fact, the Sheriff once said, "If we ever have to kick in Bark'ns door, I'd rather just stay outside and call him on the phone and ask him to come out nicely so no one gets hurt." It was tongue-n-cheek, but yeah, the LEO's know I have guns.

    My family and close friends know.

    Outside of that, I don't go around advertising. Especially to the neighbors. When loading my truck to go shooting I tend to step outside and glance up and down the block to make sure no one is outside in their yard, and then move my gun bags and kits. Or, I load the truck up inside the garage.

    I just don't see anything good coming from letting a bunch of people know who have no direct need to know. I mean, why would a neighbor really need to know that information?

    I will readily talk about firearms when people bring up the topic, but what I talk about depends on how well I know the present company.

    I try to live as low keyed as possible and thoroughly believe in "the grey man" principle. Very few people know I have a ccw permit, and as far as I'm concerned, that's too many.

    Once someone knows something about you, you have absolutely no control over who that person tells.
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    my nieghbors know of my long guns, but not my ccw. actually one called the cops on me as i was taking my longarms back in side after a range day, sayng she felt thretened (mind you i had never talked to or seen her as i live in a 75 unit apartment complex). Long story short she pointed out my apartment, they knocked, we talked, told me she felt thretened by them, because i didn't own any gun cases so she saw them, asked if i thretened her, said don't even know her, they told me to get some gun cases, asked me if i had fun, and then left.
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    Absolutely no.

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    Aways carry, Never tell

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    I never tell one person and then the whole world knows. I like having the element of surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfries View Post
    I live in the sticks; Driveway is 1/4 mile long, 4 houses on it.

    We all get together to shoot, hunt, drink beer, fix cars and barns.

    Sentiments on the way things are, and the way they are headed are the same amongst us.
    Do they know yes, do they know my full hand no.
    That the scenario I wish I had.

    I live on a short street with a cul-de-sac and there are only 10 houses. Most of us have been here for 10 years or longer and while I know them we don't really socialize. Great neighbor next door that isn't anti but has never gotten into guns.

    As for me I OC in my house and on my property and my neighbors know that. No complaints from anyone but no requests to go shooting either.
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    We live in a rental house and our street is a split neighborhood, meaning on the left of us are houses and the right of us are apartments. with that being said, ive lived there for 1.4 years and have never met any of my neighbors lol. so the answer is no.
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    I open carry a lot while around town. Also I shoot in my back yard. I DO NOT CARE, who knows, as several of my neighbors shoot in their back yards too. I often engage in fruitful discussions with people while openly carrying. I am legal, and don't care. I do however conceal if I am in less desirable areas, away from my hometown.

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    First of all, I envy you your long term in a single neighborhood. No, I don't tell neighbors I have guns. A couple of long term neighbors that are close friends know since we have done some "Gun Stuff" together. I would never tell someone new moving in, it's not in my best interest to do so.

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    I'll join the "Yes, because of all the gunfire," list. I shoot on my property and my immediate neighbors couldn't help but notice so I've spoken to them, as a courtesy. It's worked out well. I know I can't control who they tell, but where I live, that's not likely to be a big deal. More importantly I think, I've put up a lot of No Trespassing signs and such. Before I did, we used to have people drive down our road "accidentally." I'm sure they were checking us out. That doesn't happen anymore. I'm not sure if such people realize that those signs are up for THEIR protection, but given where I live, I suspect at least some of them do. Most particularly if they have heard the gunfire or seen me carrying.

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    One of my neighbors knows... sweet old lady, only reason she knows is because she came to notify me that somebody 4 houses down had there house broken into, she then went on to tell me about her .32 in her purse and her .38 by her bed side.
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    I'm not telling my neighbors squat! What I do and have is my business and NOT my neighbors business.

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    if it was by law, maybe I'd tell but really though I just want to have my own slice of peacefulness in my own home and yard. Peple don't have the right nor need the right to know I carry even if it was in a place that wasn't legal either. I speak out alot but really unless push came to shove, I truely wish to be left alone when people start talking about taking my items I baught legally and oppressing their religion on me as well. That's another big no no.

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    Definately introduce yourself. If you meet them at the local range or gun store, thats good too, but i don't advertise what isn't obvious.
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    No never. As others have said, you don't know what they will tell someone else. I am social with my neighbors but no additional volunteered info is given.
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