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Getting a Gun Safe. Opinion Needed

This is a discussion on Getting a Gun Safe. Opinion Needed within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 I will add that you should have professionals move it in. I was planning on some friends moving in my ...

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Thread: Getting a Gun Safe. Opinion Needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    I will add that you should have professionals move it in. I was planning on some friends moving in my Liberty 50 some gun safe into my house using beer powered brute force. Lucky for me my wife was able to negotiate free installation into the price. When I saw real professionals move it in without even scratching my hardwood floors I was glad I didn't try to do it myself.

    And of course mine is packed full. Looking for a second one now.
    I agree have professional installation. This is especially true if you have steps to contend with. Then a stair climber is needed.

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    We bought a Liberty safe and like it. I was sold on the quality and workmanship, and it's built in the United States.

    Check them out but get one in the $2,000 range, they have better features and get the drab gray coloured. The "prettier" they are the more expensive they will be.
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    I suscribe to a diffirent notion about gun safes.

    First, we are all on the same page here: quality matters, and the sturdier, stronger safes are more expensive.

    But, I would rather have 3 medium sized safes, in different locations about the home, than 1 large safe.

    By having more than 1 safe, I can purchase what I can afford and still get a good quality safe (i.e. buy 1 safe at a time).
    Second, by properly installing the safes (bolted to floor and wall studs), I can segregate firearms by value, performance, or location.

    I can keep the least valuable firearms in the (still good quality) safe hidden in the garage.
    The collectable Colts and Winchesters somewhere else, and then the tactical weapons where I most likely would need to get
    to them.
    It would be hard enough to get into 1 safe; I can't imagine someone getting into all 3.

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    I have a Liberty and love it. I am looking at another one cause my collection is growing. But in answer to your question, yes, get a stand up, stand alone quality security/fire safe. Besides, they look nice too.

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    I have been following this message thread as I too have been shopping for a gun safe, the information here has helped me decide on installing a good home burglar alarm with multiple sirens and a cheap gun safe, I just finished getting the alarm system in, and am waiting on the cheap gun safe to be back in stock. I live in a small city with a relatively low crime rate (although we did have a street side attempted random? kidnapping last week) and live on a busy street only 3-4 blocks from the police station, and 2 blocks from the Sheriff's department main office, so a police car of one type or another tends to pass in front of my house ever 2-3 minutes on average. So I am working under the theory that if the alarm goes off any half way smart burglar is not going to hang around long, so all the safe will likely have to do is prevent a quick smash and grab.

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    I can't complain at all about my Cannon Safe. I got a rather large one and guess what? It's about full of ammo, guns and other stuff. They fill up fast so go larger if you can.

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    Useful video overview of "safes": Gun Safes, "The Truth" @ YouTube.

    Talks about the amount and strength of steel, composites, welds, and various other features.
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    I am going to toss out one additional point of security. Access.
    If they can't get into the house, then they can't get to the safe. If they can get into the house, but the alarm goes off, then they can't get to the safe. But if all else fails, and they do get into the house and the alarm does not go off, then they need to find the safe. If they can't find it, they can't break into it.

    Some people will put their safe out in the open. Personally, I made sure that unless someone knew exactly where to look and what to look for, they would never find it. Even if they did find it, they might not even realize it. Now this does not include the home defense weapons which are in a different location, but it does include everything else.

    In the next few years, I am looking to upgrade substantially and I have already been talking with someone about how to put a safe where I need it to go. Once again, they will not find it.

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