Beyond worst case scenario... Civic and social decay.

This is a discussion on Beyond worst case scenario... Civic and social decay. within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am going to post this even at the risk of it sounding like a dooms day scenario. Over the weekend, I was talking with ...

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Thread: Beyond worst case scenario... Civic and social decay.

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    Beyond worst case scenario... Civic and social decay.

    I am going to post this even at the risk of it sounding like a dooms day scenario. Over the weekend, I was talking with a friend who lived in an area of New Orleans during Katrina that did not flood. They were able to get out in time, however their home was looted and anything value that they left behind was trashed or stolen. He took his guns with him when they packed up the SUV and camper trailer.

    He wonders what if he was not able to get out before the storm. They did have jugs of fresh water and some food, but other that that, they would have had serious issues. To top it off, even though they had boarded up the windows and doors, looters still were able to get in.

    How prepared are you to deal with a week or two total chaos without some utilities like power and dealing with looters trying to break into your home. Weather is just one thing that can cause chaos.
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    Well, if he would have stayed the cops would have taken his guns. The only folks that got to keep guns in NOLA after Katrina was the cops and criminals.
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    Most looters are non-violent. What I would be more concerned about is a hate-based campaign where adherents to a certain ideology are looking to physically punish "the rich," rape women and all that. Who I'd be most concerned about are not rednecks and suburbanites because they usually live far enough away from cities to be hard to get to in case of a civil collapse. The ones in real danger will be the yuppies who thought it was cool to live in an renovated apartment in Baltimore or Atlanta, and one day find out they are surrounded by people who hate them, the police have packed their families into their cruisers and have headed to the hills, and that they have no way to defend themselves.
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    I stock up at the first hint of a hurricane: food, water, 2-3 days of gas for the generator. If I have to go out for more, the wife can stand guard. Picture an angry momma griz who's packing heat--do you really want to try to take what's hers?
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    During Ike, we stocked up and bugged in. Being well prepared for any emergency is just good thinking. Lost power for a couple of days, ut no big deal. Had ammo, food and water. I stayed up at night and slept very little during the day knowing my wife was up and about. Did have some cars driving the neighborhood with their lights off. Once I flashed their car with my flash light, they quickly drove away. However, I do live in the suburban parts of Houston, so the frequency of people cruising the neighborhood that did not belong there was very little.
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    Well we dont have hurricanes much in ky. But as far as being without power etc thats old hat here. Every big snow storm usually means a couple of weeks without power or going much of anywhere unless you have a 4 by 4.
    Tornados have wrecked havoc here in last few years though and couple of big floods.

    We heat with wood anyway so heat and cooking is not big deal. Water usually stays on or just melt snow or get it out of a nearby spring. Food I can get pretty easy just by walking up on the hill and shooting a deer or rabbit or turkey or something if I have too. It got to that point once when the stores all sold out of food and snow blocked deliveries but we stayed fed.
    Candles, camp stove the old wood burner the guns and ammo we can do ok for a good while here.
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    I'd say we are adequately prepared to be self-reliant.
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    ive been stocking up on freeze dried food, and alot of water we could live off that for atleast two months. bullets for my glock 23 and rem 870. going to find another glock this week either another 40 or 45. i do want to get an indoor propane heater badly though. don't consider my self a survivalist but i do like being prepared because i couldn't imagine my 3 year old daughter crying because she is hungry.

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    Having known most of my neighbors for years, I'm confident that my little neighborhood would band together, pool our resources, and help and protect one another rather than preying on each other in an emergency situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    Well, if he would have stayed the cops would have taken his guns. The only folks that got to keep guns in NOLA after Katrina was the cops and criminals.
    This isn't true Sir, and being as you say you're from MS, I'd think you would know truth from fiction. Yes, some gun owners had their guns illegally taken from them, but by no means was the entire city of New Orleans disarmed. It's just NRA sponsored fiction plain and simple.

    I worked for the Department of Homeland Security in 2005, in New Orleans, but since I live in MS, I was responsible for the DHS employees in MS initially, and I also worked in New Orleans immediately afterwards. We trucked supplies (food, fuel, water, toiletries) into the city every other day, for our agents that were on the ground there, until FEMA got their act together, with the tent cities, food service, etc... At one time we had over 800 Special Agents working in New Orleans, supporting the NOPD, while they reorganized, including two SRT Teams (Special Response Teams or SWAT) at any one time.

    I live in MS, about 20 miles from the water as the crow flies, and because I do, I am prepared for hurricane season, at all times. During Katrina, I had 12 people and six dogs sheltering in my home, some of the people I met for the first time that day. We take our preparedness seriously, and I could have fed them all for a month, without a problem. We know that water sustains life, and gasoline sustains everything else. Have to have fuel for vehicles and generators, or life will get ugly fast.

    We live in the country, thus bands of marauding looters wouldn't reach us for many weeks after a natural disaster, and I doubt very seriously that they'd get very far up my 400 foot driveway. We don't evacuate; we hunker down. Once the storm has blown over, we assess the damage, and set out to help people less fortunate than us.
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    We are prepared...
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    i feel so under prepared compared to some of you. i need to get out of this dead end. i feel like living in so fla is gonna be a bad place to start if the shtf. but storms, heh we deal with them.

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    Thanks to having a family to always keep in mind and reading threads like this on here for about a year and a half, I have made quite a few preparations for these type of situations.
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    It's and Eagle Scouts creed ..... Be Prepared

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    My husband's family survived Hurricane Andrew - it ruined their home, but they survived in a closet. No electricity, standing in lines for hours for water, roads blocked and it took family members hours to get from them from just across the county. They were shot at by looters almost 2 weeks after the storm, my fil fired back killing one and making the others flee. It was before I met them, but I have heard their first hand stories and seen their pictures and newspaper articles and learned many lessons by their experiences.
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