30 round mags

30 round mags

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Thread: 30 round mags

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    30 round mags

    So I recently came upon a great deal, 2 30 rd mags for $50 (NIB). Besides fun at the range at the time I couldn't think of any other reason why I was buying them. Obviously that mag is just a little to big to carry and I will just stick with the 17 rd when carrying. Anyway here within the last 15 minutes the thought came to mind. Why don't I swap out my 17 rd mag and put in my 30 rd mag at night for home defense. p-85 for those of you who want to know.

    Does anyone else do this or in general use a large cap mag for their home?

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    Standard capacity mags for my HD weapons...

    since my primary HD weapon is a AR pistol, that means 20/30 round PMags.
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    My primary home defense weapon is a Bushmaster Patrolman's Carbine with a 30 rd P-mag loaded with Winchester PDX-1. I think it's a good combination and it's my reason for owning an AR because the anti-gunners think I need a "reason" to own one.

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    I keep a larger capacity mag in my truck as a back up mag.

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    I use one all the time just to tick off Anti-2A dolts
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    I use a 30 rounder in an SD rifle.

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    I bought several 25 and 30 round magazines for my P85/89 and PC9 before and during the 94 ban. Obviously they were aftermarket magazines and I found some of them to be less reliable than the factory 15 round magazines. The good ones I had hard chromed and I kept them (Still own the mags and guns), the less reliable ones were sold off. Not worth the trouble to tweak, repair, fuss at, or troubleshoot. I dislike the balance when they were in the handguns, they felt better in the carbine. If you had a reliable magazine (I found the 25s most relaible with 20 rounds, the 30s with 25 to 28 rounds) You could, but it's so awkward why bother?
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    I have a few 11 round extended magazines for the 1911. I have rarely ever even used them but, they are good quality magazines so I'm not sorry that I own them.
    They would throw me off when I practice reps so they stay on the shelf. Possibly some day they may come in handy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    I use one all the time just to tick off Anti-2A dolts
    ya I have to carry all of my supper high capacity mags....I mean clips I own when I go deer hunting because, I'm such an awful shooter. And because I can't hit the broad side of an elephant @ 30-ft with a scatter-gun, I'm in the market for more & more`r higher capacity mags...oops I said it again; I mean clips ~ so`z I can hopefully finally get me a nice big Buck before this deer season is over

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    i get the hi-cap mags for pistol type carbines
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