It's such a great feeling....

It's such a great feeling....

This is a discussion on It's such a great feeling.... within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; reach in your pocket and feel the safety of an LCP letting you know "it's ok buddy. I'm here." twice tonight I got a ...

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Thread: It's such a great feeling....

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    It's such a great feeling.... reach in your pocket and feel the safety of an LCP letting you know "it's ok buddy. I'm here."

    twice tonight I got a little worried, the first time was a guy stopping directly behind me at a urinal for like 5 seconds, and when I turn to him I see that he is fiddling with his coat zipper (who does that right behind somebody!?)

    and then when I pulled into my driveway, it was unusually dark inside and there was (were?) a set of keys in the key hole. So naturally my over-thinking self thought that my roommate was inside tied up. Of course, she just left her keys in the door like a dummy...but still it was nice to feel safe with my little buddy with me.

    Oh, to the "carry something bigger crowd", I also have a 1911 but I carry the LCP because nobody ever knows I have it on me.

    Off topic: <---- that looks like a guy hanging himself rather than a guy bungee jumping.
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    Was it Senator Larry Craig lurking behind you in the men's room?
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    Comforting yes.... but do not forget that their is no replacement for the safety between your ears. Always be aware, think about what is happening, keep your wits and be responsible, complacency kills. Stay alert, stay alive.
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    Hey he "uses a wide stance when using the bathroom"...

    On topic, yes it is a comforting feeling I can relate. If I had come home to the keys in the door scenario I would have drawn my weapon, I did that once a few months ago when I came home to find my door unlocked after a short trip, turns out that my girlfriend (who has a key) came over without telling me and forgot to lock the door. Didn't come close to a tragic incident fortunately since I heard her talking on the phone before she knew I was there, a stern lecture was given though.

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    I would think a good spanking would be advisable.
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    "...there was (were?) a set of keys in the key hole."

    Since you had the question, "was" is correct as "set" is singular. Other than that, take a deep breath and relax.
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    Glad you 2 senarios were nothing to get to alarmed about. And at least you had a gun with you in case. I like the light and easy to conceal firearms. I find myself carrying my p-32 on occasion. Stay safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NONAME762 View Post
    I would think a good spanking would be advisable.

    ^^^^For the bathroom lurker^^^^^^^

    or the roommate?

    My daughters will do this once in a while, but it is the door to the house inside the garage, and our dog is there as a first line of defense.
    Also, we live out in the sticks, and do not have people suspiciously lurking about that go unnoticed.
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    OP, I think you need to sit down and drink a beer, maybe to. SA is good, but not everyone is out to get you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    OP, I think you need to sit down and drink a beer, maybe to. SA is good, but not everyone is out to get you.
    And the time you think "Eh, that guy standing behind me isn't here to hurt me" is the time you get whacked across the back of the head. Not every bad situation starts like a horror movie scene.

    I've never stopped behind a person at a urinal, and I'd feel odd if someone stopped behind me as well.

    As for finding keys in the door, I'd be a bit nervous especially if the place is dark. I've come home (when I lived with my parents) to find keys in the door, but the lights were on and I could hear them talking, so it was no big deal.

    OP, good situational awareness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thechriskarel View Post reach in your pocket and feel the safety of an LCP letting you know "it's ok buddy. I'm here."
    Yep, my XDS says the same thing except in a heavier voice.

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