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    Upcoming Trip

    My husband and I will be driving from AZ to Ohio in August. My husband has a CCW in AZ. We were planning to go through NM, TX, OK, MO,IL and IN on or way. I have been researching the states to see how handle the gun in those states. I am very confused. Looks like IL doesn't honor anything. Wondering if it just might be better to bypass it all together and go a different way. I am thinking about calling each state to see what it is I have to do to come through their state and be legal. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Look them up here....Handgunlaw.us

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    Yeah, in IL your husband will not be able to carry. I apologize on behalf of the entire pro-gun population of Illinois.
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    There is zero legal CC in IL, in TX you are fine. The only people carrying guns in IL that aren't cops are the young men in Chicago that murder each other like it is a sport.

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    I wouldn't even trust IL law enforcement to respect your ability to carry a firearm with you on a road trip. Avoid the problem entirely.
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    If he has a smart phone, get him CCW 50 states or Legal Heat. Then he will have the laws at his finger tips. Or just look them up here....Handgunlaw.us as it says above.
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    Upcoming Trip

    Quote Originally Posted by RonM0710 View Post
    If he has a smart phone, get him CCW 50 states or Legal Heat. Then he will have the laws at his finger tips. Or just look them up here....Handgunlaw.us as it says above.
    CCW 50 is a nice app, seems like they keep it updated well too.

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    I have to travel through Ill from time to time. Make sure your husband unloads his firearm and it's locked in a gun case. If it's a semi, unload the mag. have a great trip and good luck.

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    Indiana honors all other states permits. While passing through Indiana, you must obey your states laws though. Indiana's supersede yours, but if your state has further restrictions, you must follow them. For instance, in Indiana, there are no laws restricting alcohol consumption or bars and carrying, unless on a snowmobile, but if your state has a law that says you cannot carry in a bar, then you can't carry in a bar in Indiana either. Hard for the LEOs to enforce such things, but that's they way it's written. Indiana is really lenient when it comes to carrying though. OC is legal, CC is legal, both with permit. The only places you can't carry, federal buildings, schools, airports, any building with a court room. Gun Buster signs have no weight of law.

    I agree with everyone else, check with each state and ensure you know what you can and cannot do. But Indiana, should be the least of your worries.

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    Go to Handgunlaw.us and print out the info for each state you will travel through. Then review the info before entering each state so you will know what is required. For Illinois, just unload the gun and store in a case. Here is the Illinois State Police info for transporting a gun legally in Illinois; it's easy, but you can't CC: Transport Your Firearm Legally. If you don't want to have to put your gun away, then go around Illinois.

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    ...there is an excellent guide updated annually named Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States by J. Scott Kappas, Esq...it's been accurate in every instance I've researched it for the last five years...I buy it at a local range every year under $15...
    Gunlaws for the 50 States ...one of the things it deals with is reciprocity...and the nuances of a gun in a car(open, glovebox, trunk, under seat, etc. from state to state)...

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    Shirlee1: WELCOME to the forum. Lots of folks here with lots of real-world experience (I'm not one of those). Stick around, read lots of threads, and learn, learn, learn!!
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