Video: Dealing with Homeless People While Carrying a Gun.

Video: Dealing with Homeless People While Carrying a Gun.

This is a discussion on Video: Dealing with Homeless People While Carrying a Gun. within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I thought Mr. Colion Noir had some interesting thoughts on dealing with homeless people and panhandlers while you are armed which is worth posting for ...

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Thread: Video: Dealing with Homeless People While Carrying a Gun.

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    Video: Dealing with Homeless People While Carrying a Gun.

    I thought Mr. Colion Noir had some interesting thoughts on dealing with homeless people and panhandlers while you are armed which is worth posting for discussion.

    Anyone else have any tips or "close encounters?"

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    Good video. I don't have any tips. There are some convenience stores in my area that I don't stop at anymore because there is always somebody in the parking lot trying to bum gas money. That seems to be the favorite ploy around here followed by standing at interstate exits with a homeless, hungry, vet sign.

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    Somewhat off topic, but I recently read a intriguing article on panhandlers. It made me chuckle a bit

    Police: Oregon panhandlers raking in the green | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

    To summarize, Panhandlers outside of a Walmart are making 5 times more than the employees working inside Walmart.

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    So, my advice for panhandlers? Be AWARE. See them when they are still far enough away. Be firm about saying, "NO!" If they persist, say "NO!" a 2nd time. If they still persist or get aggressive but are still 7-10 yds. away, hand to butt of gun but don't draw. A firm, stern warning of your willingness to protect yourself. I find that usually does the trick. Don't enter your car until said person is 25 yards away. If the situation warrants it, call the cops while maintaining visual from inside your vehicle.
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    I treat homeless no different than anybody else that I pass on the street.

    If anybody that I don't know approaches me, I get a little adrenaline and I'm coming up with a plan. That's all.

    Whether I'm providing a polite response, or de-escalating an irrational confrontation, it's all still a conversation with me creating space as needed.

    Until a lethal threat is presented, I'm adapting to the situation. If a lethal threat (and the ability to execute) is presented, I'm overcoming it.


    I like Colion a lot. One needs to bear in mind his sense of humor and that many of his videos were made prior to joining forces with the NRA. His stuff is not instructional video. It is humorous commentary.
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    Homeboy needs to relax. If you are going to think about shooting everyone that approaches you, I would suggest valium.
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    situational awareness. While his ideas may be thought provoking he never mentioned situational awareness, you need to be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. you should know someone is within 7-10 yards of you. these folks are not ninjas they make noise, they have shadows, if your somewhere where these people can sneak up on you, you probably shouldn't be there in the first place
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    This guy's an imbecile or a very poor comedian. He cant tell the difference from a con and a homeless person. I spent a lot of time in Manhattan for years servicing everywhere from the Bronx to Spanish Harlem and the Bowery. Most truly homeless people are happy to be left alone and while they can be a bit of a pest I have never heard of a homeless person physically attacking anyone, not saying it couldn't happen. The likely need to present deadly force to a homeless person is virtually zero, they may be verbally abusive when drunk or high but a few $$ or even a reprimand will quickly dispatch even the most persistent. For me, I don't mind giving a few dollars to them. Been close to bankrupt and lost my own home once, if it hadnt been for some good friends don't know I would have stayed off the street. Now there are street thugs in every city but don't think for a second they are homeless. Simple test. Offer to go into a deli or restaurant with them and buy them something basic to eat, or check the quality of their footwear. If they're not hungry they're probably not homeless.

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    There are a lot of homeless people that as crazy as this sounds would rather stay that way. They will come into a shelter if the weather really drives them in but leave as soon as they can. Not all by a long shot but a lot more than you would think.

    Homeless folks really arent very dangerous. They want to be left alone on whatever spot they have picked to live at.

    Street thugs and gang thugs and tweekers are much more dangerous than the average homeless person.
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    As far as MCN, mixed feelings about him personally, but that's another discussion for another day.

    As far as what he says in here, I generally agree with him. Most homeless are a)mentally ill b)drunk/high or c)both. A cop told me once that the best way to tell if a panhandler is actually a street person is to look at their hands. If they are really living on the streets their hands will be obviously rough looking. I personally never give money to panhandlers ever. Some years ago, there was a guy who I would see frequently around on the streets near where I lived, he never asked me for money a single time. In hindsight, I kind of wonder what his story was, but in reality I know he's almost certainly dead.

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    I like MCN but I didn't find this particular video informative at all.
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    Not a good video
    1911 when a follow up shot just isn't an option

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    Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and San Francisco define as "aggressive", conduct that causes a reasonable person to fear for their safety, blocking a solicitee's path or persisting in demanding money or an item of value after the solicitee has rebuffed efforts by words or conduct.

    Courts have ruled that such laws don't violate civil rights of panhandlers.

    "It's important to provide lasting change rather than change that lasts a day." I'm not trying to bleed your heart. That's the quote that is on my lips when destitution finds my eye.

    As a tip, if threatened, yell that "It's illegal to panhandle, here!!" Then move and groove.
    Americans understood the right of self-preservation as permitting a citizen to repel force by force
    when the intervention of society... may be too late to prevent an injury.
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    Oh how great it would be if everyone was perfect...... Or would it??
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    Virtually everyone that fronts the NRA are tools. Colin is a breath of fresh air to me.
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