Dxmn your eyes!!!

Dxmn your eyes!!!

This is a discussion on Dxmn your eyes!!! within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; About 5 weeks ago, I got rear-ended while on a long commute home for the weekend. It turned out that the young lady driving the ...

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Thread: Dxmn your eyes!!!

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    Dxmn your eyes!!!

    About 5 weeks ago, I got rear-ended while on a long commute home for the weekend. It turned out that the young lady driving the other vehicle was driving a rental car--because her own car was in the shop being repaired from an accident she had in January--where she ran into a stationary object.

    Anyway, I have been much more observant than usual since that incident and I look for ways (more than I had been doing previously) to stay away from a potential problem.

    Time passes--and I am on my way back to my hotel after a day at the job site. As I was approaching my hotel, I was about to turn right but I noticed that a car was accelerating on "my" side side of the street. So, I stopped and let the other driver go by, and just watched him. As a reward for my decision, the other driver flipped me the bird as he drove past.

    Man! They are everywhere!

    It just occurred to me that the other driver was probably thinking similarly to what is a common English phrase for rebuking a person who witnesses you doing something you should not be doing: Dxmn your eyes!

    Trouble was avoided; I guess being a little more watchful can pay off.

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    Sounds like SA at its finest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 91wm6 View Post
    That was EXACTLY what I thought of when I saw this thread title.

    Good lookin out OP.
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    Yep you're beginning to realize there are alot of poor drivers out there. My truck got wasted in a rear-ender and I was stopped at a major intersection. The saving grace was my truck stood his ground and the Gomer that hit me lost all of his coolant. He was yakkin' on his cell and doing 30-35 when he plowed into me in 1999.

    That was my last TA (officially). I spun out in snow in 2006 twice going to and from work. Once on the freeway by myself. It was pretty doggone exciting let me tell you. When my truck nudged the guard rail I was moving slug slow. No damage.

    One morning I was 3H late cuz I couldn't quite make it up the last small hill to get to the back gate just 3/4M away. Instead I parked well out of harms way and spent the morning helping cars get thru. The pocket I couldn't make it out of was a bowl and I was at the bottom of it. I saw some buku crazy drivers that day in that one spot. I finally got a ride in w/a guy and his 4by.

    Freeway driving can be tough in snow. That day I spun out I was doing 35MPH. When I got into the ice I just backed off the gas and dropped to 25 just like that. My truck was facing the wrong direction when he stopped but the road was clear and I was able to gingerly get going again. I've only been driving about 39 years.

    The best advice I have when driving is keep your head on a swivel. Watch your speed w/the conditions. Don't overdrive your headlights. Watch your gauges and mirrors. Watch the other drivers and what they're doing. Don't be in a hurry.

    Johnny Cash and cruisin' tunes is the way to go.
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    I wouldn't trust some people to ride a horse, let alone drive a car. Some people can be as nice as can be, but put them behind the wheel and they can turn into real jackwagons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 91wm6 View Post
    I enjoyed that--Thank you!

    I was not aware that Johnny Cash had recorded that song. Quite appropriate for this situation.

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    One thing I hate is when you just go beyond a traffic light and there's a long right turn access lane. People BEHIND you try to slam on the gas and pass you over on the right. I just put on the blinker and after about four blinks start to merge over as it should be done. They get all insulted and angry honking and flipping. And we're talking about 4 car lengths between us.

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    I live in an area that is populated by a very large number of "Snowbirds" from October thru April each year, this coupled with the others fleeing NY, Md., Ct., and NJ the roads have become the likes of a third world country.
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