Recent Home Invasions

Recent Home Invasions

This is a discussion on Recent Home Invasions within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; We've seen an uptick in the number of home invasions in our area lately. Fortunately, a couple had good resolutions. Well, not for the bad ...

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Thread: Recent Home Invasions

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    Recent Home Invasions

    We've seen an uptick in the number of home invasions in our area lately. Fortunately, a couple had good resolutions. Well, not for the bad guys.

    Homeowner shares story on holding invader at gunpoint - 14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

    EPD links two robberies together over a glass of water - 14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

    This next one, unfortunately, didn't go so good for the family at home.

    Video Landing Page - 14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

    It's very rare that I don't keep my firearm on me except while sleeping. And then it's very close by.

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    Always armed at home...just never know when trouble will come looking for you.
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    Piece of cake. I have an XDS that I keep in a DeSantis SuperFly pocket holster. I get home, I slip it in the pocket, I basically forget about it. It's just there if I were to ever need it, and hopefully I never will.

    It might be different if I had to "make a production" out of strapping on a gun belt and holster every day.
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    They get more brazen it seems.It's not just at night anymore either.That said,i'm always watching around me.They come into my place,i have a surprise for them.

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    I always have a weapon on me when I am home.
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    Those two in the first story were extremely lucky. "had no idea what lengths he would go through to protect his home". Don't quite understand that naive stupid media comment. I sure hope he had them lay down and they weren't just standing there the whole time with a single gun trained on them. Second story they needed to die for beating on elderly. Those are the kind you'd like to see rob the wrong, or shall I say RIGHT person. The pistol whipping in the last one, perfect bunch to lay out on the lawn for the news. I guess I'm strange but in hotels, camping I actually sleep with the gun. Heard too many stories about people waking up with someone standing over them.

    I was happy a couple months ago when some guys looked really creepy trying to sell pine straw and I thought could be casing places so I yelled and stopped them half way up my driveway while concealing. I mentioned our secret word to my wife as I walked out the door. As they left and I came back to the house she was standing behind good cover with her 20 shot XDm9 pistol ready to rock and roll. I love that WOMAN!!!

    We've had three home invasions in our fairly upscale and diverse neighborhood. We now have a very nice home in the back section with section 8 people living in it. They cruise by everyday looking like they fell out of a gangster TV show. I'm waiting on the crime to eventually creep around to my door. They wont be happy with my welcome committee.

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    I almost always have a gun on me at home. I like to get comfortable and either put on sweat pants or some shorts, so I enjoy having my Remora holster with my Shield, just in case someone stupid decides to break in to the wrong house.
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    I used to wait to be armed until I left school and got home. Now retired, I'm home ALL the time and my Glock is always with me. We've never had real problems in any of the homes in this subdivision, but there is always a 'first time'. We have limited entrances and exits to the several hundred homes here, so that helps with traffic control and 'roamers'.
    I can't even imagine a home invasion happening here, but isn't that what most people say AFTER one occurs? I'm observant, armed, and ready!
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    I tend not to worry too much about home invasions. From what I see from your links, they mostly take place in low income areas. Same here in Florida. Sure there are some exceptions but the majority seem to be confined to low income homes and not the suburban areas where those who can afford several thousands of dollars of guns tend to live. I am surrounded by homes within spitting distance so no one is busting in here without all my neighbors noticing. Heck I can hear my neighbor's A/C unit come on. :)

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    I live in a sub division with most of the other houses being seasonal rentals (florida) and my neighbors change from year to year. This creates a problem with home invasions and robbery. You never know who's NOT supposed to be there. Always armed here.

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    This scares the crap out of me. These multiple person home invasions have ads me re-think my home defense kit. I've added extra mags and a shotty to the mix

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    It does seem that in most of these cases, the investigation turns up a drug deal gone bad, or some other retaliation at work. Still, multiple invaders would present a challenge. It is for that reason that I am shopping for an economical way to keep my AK close at hand, yet secure as I still have kids in the house. Actually it isn't my kids that I worry about, but their friends. Who knows what other folks teach their kids about weapons, if anything at all.
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    The way my home is situated and with only the wife and myself here an invasion will turn into very hostile territory for the BGs very very quickly. I can shoot any direction I want except behind me in our bedroom where she is. All the gun are in there that I wouldnt have myself on me. Most times not always you drop one or two the rest will go someplace else to debate on whos going back into the snake pit first.

    Not to hijack the thread but this is a invasion also. For those who dont worry about such things. Just to name one BTK killed tortured etc some on his lunch break in broad daylight in houses that werent more than 30 feet from six other houses. And nobody knew anything.

    It doesnt have to be a bust in sort of thing. Likely no. But research it, BTK Night Stalker, etc and you see that if the first victim had been thinking about it and armed themselves a lot of innocents wouldnt have died later. Add them all up and you get a fairly hefty number of victims that didnt have to be if just one had been ready.
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