Latest HD Insurance scam.

Latest HD Insurance scam.

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Thread: Latest HD Insurance scam.

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    Latest HD Insurance scam.

    Second Defense will insure you if you have a home invasion.. They'll pay burial expenses, legal fees, bail, counseling, and site clean up.

    $11.00 a month. You're supposed to think of it like HD AAA.

    Story here:

    Lawyer's comments say it all.

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    Man, and I thought Texas Law Shield was sleazy...

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    That's the outfit the local news ran a story about, implying it was better than sliced bread. They emphasized about 3 times "home invasion." SDA claims 8000 home invasions a day? I sure live in a dull, but safe, neighborhood. Gotta go with the lawyers view on this one.
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    Everybody's gotta make a buck...
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    All I can say is WOW!
    Everyone has an opinion & this is just mine sorry if it offends anyone.
    ALSO I don't HATE LEOs I just Hold them to a Higher Standard of the LAW & nothing anyone says will change my opinion on this

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    If I lived in Florida, I would have Joe Episcipo as my lawyer. The insurance is stupid, and you can't fix stupid.
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    SDA was one of the products my CPL instructor pushed during the class "break time." They made sure to include their dealer number on the SDA brochure for their commission. The scope of coverage is too narrow. Insurance is all about collecting premiums and denying claims.

    Excluded are...
    member of the family... related by blood... adoption... any persons who at any time marriage or the marriage of another family member. i.e. your sister's ex-husband.
    "any persons who at any time lived in the same residence." i.e. ex-live-in-boyfriend with the PPO against him.
    Neighbors.... anyone with adjacent property or property line within 40 feet.
    "Home" means that part of the structure... which can be locked against entry.... No porch, no deck, no driveway.

    SDA did their research and discovered that home invasions shootings are the least common form of self defense. Of the incidents, they found the most commonly occurring scenarios to exclude.

    So SDA, out of those 8,000 per day or 2.9 million home invasions per year; how many would actually qualify for a claim if a firearm was discharged?

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