Why do you carry?

Why do you carry?

This is a discussion on Why do you carry? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I did a column recently in GUN WORLD asking "Why do you carry?" It was designed to provoke some thoughtful discussion. Why does anyone carry, ...

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Thread: Why do you carry?

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    Why do you carry?

    I did a column recently in GUN WORLD asking "Why do you carry?"
    It was designed to provoke some thoughtful discussion.

    Why does anyone carry, with all the bad publicity lately? So this morning I banged out one of my Examiner pieces to keep this conversation going. For some, it appears to be a bit vexing to find the answer...and there really is no right or wrong answer here...

    If guns are so bad, why are so many legally carrying them?

    If guns are so bad, why are so many legally carrying them? - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com

    Did anybody see the GUN WORLD article?
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    Excellent article.

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    Yep, good article.
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    Very good article!!!!!!
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    Nicely done.

    IMHO, a gun is like a seat belt. You probably won't need it, but it does no harm to have it, and if you do need it you'll REALLY need it. So, why not have it?

    This type of argument doesn't work that well on those who smugly believe themselves to be safe in their daily life, but it becomes very compelling to those who have been or know victims of violent crime, and that number is constantly increasing. I believe this is why concealed carry permits are skyrocketing. It's one of the most positive developments in American politics and culture that I can recall.
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    I read the article and thought it was great in the venue of gun owners.
    The part of America I don't understand is not preparing for a storm outage or a eathquake disruption of our supply line. People have no thought about being responsible for their own survival they all figure it was the Governments responsibility. Catrina it took five days to get water to the people. I would bet people don't have a home fire extinguisher or any way to cook a meal if the gas and lights are shut off. Carrying a gun is nothing more than taking your responsibility to care for yourself and your family seriously.

    I did not sign an agreement with the government to protect and feed my family. As a matter of fact the government high court has ruled they have no responsibility to protect an individual person.

    Guns are just a tool for me to defend my family from harm and a way to quickly put food on the table.

    I carry because the love I have for my family demands that I be able to defend against multiple attackers that are larger than me and have no moral terpitude. That I provide for my family when the supply lines are broken.

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    I carry to protect myself and family. I also buy insurance to protect myself and family. There are a lot of things all of us do everyday to protect loved ones. The gun is not the problem, but criminals are.
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    1. I carry to ensure I go home every night and to ensure my children will not lose their Dad.

    2. I carry to ensure no bad guy can harm my wife or children while I am with them

    3. I carry to ensure the innocent make it home and/or don't loose their mom or dad to a bad guy (so long as it does not place my family at risk).

    I pray I never need to draw my weapon or take a life but am prepared to do so if required.

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    I decided to start carrying because I became aware of my right to do so. Being aware of that, I knew I could not live with the knowledge of not doing everything within my power to gain advantage (and possibly affect the outcome) if something were to happen to my family. Just that simple.

    As for the SYG mentioned in the article, I think it would be difficult, without such law, to prove that you did everything reasonable to fulfill a "duty to retreat."
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    I carry because I'm not physically able to handle a BG anymore, and even more so today when they might come at you in numbers.
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    [IF] guns are so bad...
    The (IF) proceeds from a assumption perpetrated by the socialist progressive's.

    To such people, the (IF) is removed and now becomes "Guns are Bad"

    I know this may sound crazy and perhaps I am the only one, but I can not recall a single incident where a gun jumped up on it's own and discharged a round w/o
    some sort of human guidance.
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    My favorite answer was always, I carry a gun because cops are to heavy

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    I carry because it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing I have a better than average chance of getting home alive and in one piece.

    I'm not as young as I used to be. I have had heart surgery several years ago and I'm not quite as physically strong as I used to be to toss around bad guys and punch my way out of a confrontation with more than one guy or someone that has a sizable advantage over me.

    Oh, and because I can.
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    I like all kinds of foreign guns.

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    To protect myself and my family is what I put on my CPL application.

    In reality, it is more than just that. I live in an urban area that if I called the police, they would not be there before something bad happened. Additionally, there are many situations where simply drawing a gun will change the outcome of a situation, without a shot having to be fired.
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    To protect me and my family period. I also carry a very large umbrella Insurance policy that covers civil liability in the event I kill someone trying to hurt me or my family or if I find them in my Castle that I do not retreat from. Out in public it is Disparity of Force as I am 65 YO, am a bit overweight and take blood pressure medicine. However I have had lots of Gun Fighting Training in the last 3 years to keep sharp. The umbrella Insurance policy makes the Civil Lawsuit of shooting the "Kid that got into the wrong Group" go away as it is tagged with Looser Pays when it hits the courts if the parents or sibilings want to come after me. My job is to stay out of any shooting, but if forced into one to make it a "Good Shoot" that will stand up in court.
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