ALICE training moving into schools.

ALICE training moving into schools.

This is a discussion on ALICE training moving into schools. within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; At the first day of teacher inservice our SRO, School Resource Officer, presented a short talk on the ALICE program which our school is implementing ...

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Thread: ALICE training moving into schools.

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    ALICE training moving into schools.

    At the first day of teacher inservice our SRO, School Resource Officer, presented a short talk on the ALICE program which our school is implementing to deal with shooter situations. ALICE stands for announce, lockdown, inform, counter, and escape. Our previous response was to go lights out, lock the doors, and have students hug the walls or hide under their desks and remain quiet. With the ALICE response, we still do the lights out, and hug the walls, with the doors locked, but if the intruder (shooter) enters our classroom we are now to try to disrupt their reloading and shooting actions, he stated we should throw objects at and try to confuse the shooter, and escape the classroom if at all possible, he also stated that some might be shot but it at least gives you a chance to survive instead of just sitting in the room as the shooter moves down the line of students shooting each and every one. He said we might be issued a can of vegetables or something to throw at the shooter but lacking that we could use books, etc. I think this is a much better response that our previous one.
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    I actually conceal carry a can of baby carrots.
    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
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    That does sound like a decent plan. Very similar to what FBI agents are supposed to do...

    But when it comes to "Counter," I'm not sure why throwing canned foods is preferable to a teacher shooting back at the gunman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxwell97 View Post
    That does sound like a decent plan. Very similar to what FBI agents are supposed to do...

    But when it comes to "Counter," I'm not sure why throwing canned foods is preferable to a teacher shooting back at the gunman.
    Well you don't want to kill him only disrupt his reloading.

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    My active shooter plan involves, securing the room I'm in, finding the nearest window and throwing the biggest piece of furniture I can lift up out of it and jumping out and running to somewhere else that is safe. Assuming of course there is an active shooter in that same building my thought is they would not be roaming around outside, but actively shooting inside.

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    Canned vegetables sounds smart. As long as it's not more than 10 oz. We don't want to hurt anyone, after all.
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    That really stinks. I guess it is better than a policy that mandates cowering completely... What is this teaching our kids? My kid thinks I'm a superhero. I'm going to try and maintain that right up to the point he concludes I'm an idiot (somewhere between 12-16). There have been teachers who have thrown their bodies over their students to protect them! Are there no teachers responsible enough to CCW to protect the kids? The whole thing is absurd. Every teacher who is willing ought to enabled to the fullest extent possible to move to contact and stop the threat. Even if that's only 10% of the faculty that most likely overwhelming force.
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    Forget the cans of vegetables.
    Have a decent size Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher placed in every room.
    They are used for class B & class C fires and are filled with highly compressed Carbon Dioxide.
    Hit the bad guy with a continuous blast of sub-freezing gas as you quickly approach and slam him in the skull with the extinguisher.
    The gas leaves no harmful residue and would be highly disruptive to an armed attacker.
    As a plus you'll have a fire extinguisher in every room. That's always a good idea anyway.

    At least get one for your room even if you have to buy it yourself.

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    Great. Our plan for schools is to start a food fight. Brilliant.

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    Don't forget your rolled up magazine, grab your keyring with 1 or 2 keys sticking out, blah, blah, blah .... same ole useless feelgood crap. Apparently a bunch of martyred students dying senselessly charging a gunman is still superior to a school admin/teacher actually doing something useful and effective.
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    Absent a plan which includes armed response, I find this refreshing because for once it encourages active response on the part of the students. I think of it in the vein of 'getting off the X' - move, react, don't just sit there and wait to get shot.
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    A better option I feel would be to let the staff at all schools IF they wish to get WELL TRAINED, QUALIFED, to carry !! ALICE welcome also. Then post signs at all doors "" WARNING OUR STAFF ARE ALOWED AN MAY BE ARMED '' IN BIG RED LETTERS. Or just give our kids ear plugs so they cant hear the bad guys shoot..

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    Hey it's a start. Maybe in time the decision makers will get where we need them to be.
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    Why not just ask him to stop shooting and wait quietly while you call the police? Only if that fails should you hit him with the carrots. As a last resort keep some spinach in reserve so you can do a "Popeye".

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    You could always threaten him with a gun shaped pop-tart or an NRA tee-shirt.

    <sarcasm off>

    The real reason that schools are targets is because they are places least likely to have any kind of armed response. Until we change that, they still will be targets for people who wish to commit shocking crimes with a high body count and create huge public outrage.

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