A "real" home invasion..

A "real" home invasion..

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Thread: A "real" home invasion..

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    A "real" home invasion..

    Maybe not a robbery that "became" a home invasion because they were caught by a home owner at home...

    Dresses as utility workers... (and there have been several of these lately, in the area reported)... They pushed in, pistol whipped the father, tied up the kids... and stole stuff and loaded into their Escalade...

    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I have always instructed my wife (stay at home mom) to never open the door to anyone she does not know. If I look through the peep hole and I don't know you, I am always armed. I had give a salesman a little incentive to leave real quick one time.

    I went to shut my door on a real pushy saleman one time. When I went to shut my door he put his foot and hand in/on the door to keep me from closing the door. He was quickly shown that he made a very bad mistake and he needed to leave real quick. Called the cops and gave them the guy and car's description. Not sure if anything ever came of it.

    People need to be very careful when opening their doors to strangers these days.
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    I have not had anyone try to force their way into my home. There have been many who when I answered the door were unaware the hand they thought was holding door the was actually holding a gun, my foot was blocking the door. No show just options.
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    About 10 years ago we had a FedEx Home Delivery guy push his way in to drop a package. It was the day before Christmas and he was likely swamped and in a hurry. My wife was trying to put our dog (shepherd mix) in the bathroom, but when the guy stuck his hand it the dog gripped his forearm and held him there.

    Three lessons learned from this:

    1. Dogs can be amazing for home protection.
    2. Even someone familiar / friendly may behave in a way that is improper and unexpected so always be alert and prepared to respond accordingly.
    3. If anything like this ever happens take pictures. This guy had indentations on his arm but no broken skin. My wife offered to get something to clean the arm, but when they both looked at it agreed nothing needed to be done. Later, the police arrived about a dog bite. The driver went to the hospital and had punctures at that time. The insurance company looked into this and the doctor's report showed that the punctures looked more like those from an ice pick than a dog bite, but the guy still got a $1,500 settlement and we had to get rid of our dog. A simple mobile phone photo (more common now) could have stopped that right way.

    As an aside, we had a sticker on our doorbell authorizing FedEx to just leave packages at the door. We did that for a reason, but this person disregarded that. Despite the evidence that they guy acted inappropriately neither the police nor the insurance company seemed to care - they just focused on the dog "bite."

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    I have a little sign next to my front door that reads, "NO SOLICITATIONS. We will not answer the door, so don't bother!" If someone ignores that sign and knocks on the door repeatedly, and a few idiots have, I open the door with my 9mm in hand (held at my side) and ask if they can read as I point to the sign. I then tell them they have 5 seconds to get off my property or they will have a very bad day! At my age I no longer feel compelled to be a "nice guy," especially when a pushy person ignores my warning sign and continues to knock. Of course, what visitors don't know is I have a motion detector hidden from sight that sounds an alarm when anyone comes up my front walk. So, I'm already prepared long before they actually knock on my front door.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    CA no less. I guess it's fairly safe to do that in an unarmed state.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
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    Bassett advises residents to make sure to check IDs of anyone at the door claiming to be a utility or other worker.
    that's got to be one of the "dumbest" comments I've ever seen made by a police spokesman... EVER . Uh, before you pull out your guns and pistol me, then rob us in this home invasion , could please show me your "ID" so I know you aren't legite. Really ?
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    ^ Truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    that's got to be one of the "dumbest" comments I've ever seen made by a police spokesman... EVER . Uh, before you pull out your guns and pistol me, then rob us in this home invasion , could please show me your "ID" so I know you aren't legite. Really ?
    I have to disagree. I believe it's one of the best things a person can do if unsure of who the visitor is. Someone knocks on your door. Look through the window or peep hole... ask while the door is still closed for the visitor to hold the official I.D. to the window or the peep hole. If your not satisfied, tell them one minute while you get dressed, get husband, let loose the dog. Call 9-1-1 then return to door and tell them you called the police and if they approve the visitor can come in and do the work.

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    steel security door with dead bolt. even if I do decide to open the door there is still a locked steel door between myself and the person outside. Not a 100% deterrent, but when you can't see in but I can see out, you don't know what I have when I answer the door nor can you see my dogs, you can hear them but not see them.
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