Dopers hit the wrong house...

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Thread: Dopers hit the wrong house...

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    Dopers hit the wrong house...

    2 young girls were home. The eldest called her dad, who rushed to the scene, but told the gal to call 911.

    She did, and the dopers were caught...

    If your 13 year old, can't take the Glock into the closet with her, and shoot the BG through the door (like the young lady did last year), teach her to call 911 first!

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    Yup, then explain to her the importance of going to the range with dad.

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    Glad that worked out for the family .
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    Broke into the wrong house, didn't cover their faces, didn't cover up their license, drugs don't make you stupid...
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    The Broward Sheriff's Office believes this is a case of mistaken identity, and that Skolnick was looking for $5,000 that was allegedly owed to him from a previous drug deal.
    The couple confirmed they were actually trying to break into another home from a drug deal gone bad. They remain behind bars. Skolnick is being held on $90,000 bond and Senatore on $11,100 bond.

    Read more: WSVN-TV - 13-year-old calls 911 during home invasion
    Freakin idiots.


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