Stand your ground extended in sc

Stand your ground extended in sc

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Thread: Stand your ground extended in sc

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    Stand your ground extended in sc

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    This is not a good ruling. You are responsible for every bullet that leaves your gun, and you MUST be sure of your target. From what has been publicly reported in this case, clearly, the individual in the car was NOT presenting any immediate threat of death or great bodily injury to the shooter or anyone he was defending. He shot without identifying his target. I wasn't there, and maybe the situation would look different if I was, but it doesn't sound like the judge got this one right.

    If we want stand your ground laws to go away quickly, this kind of ruling will help that along quite well.
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    Not enough information. What was a 15 year old doing at a night club after 12am, and what was this 17 year old doing sitting in a parked car after 12am as well? I'm not buying that it was coinsidence. I work armed security in SC, and I know what these kids are like. After 12am, our jab is pretty much pepper spray and riot control at these clubs every single night.
    I can't tell you how often we're shot at, or people try to run us down with their cars, etc. There have been numerous cases in just the past 3 to 5 years of our company having to return fire at individuals, and at vehicles in night club parking lots. Columbia, Greenville, etc are all hotbeds of gang activity with a confluence of Bloods, Cryps, and Folk Nation, along with a lot of smaller splinter groups all fighting for territory.
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