Long Distance traveling: Do you bring your SG/Long guns or do you feel your CCW is

Long Distance traveling: Do you bring your SG/Long guns or do you feel your CCW is

This is a discussion on Long Distance traveling: Do you bring your SG/Long guns or do you feel your CCW is within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; sufficient? Do you have a set distance from home in which you feel you need to pack the big boys? 125mi? 200? I've made a ...

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Thread: Long Distance traveling: Do you bring your SG/Long guns or do you feel your CCW is

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    Long Distance traveling: Do you bring your SG/Long guns or do you feel your CCW is


    Do you have a set distance from home in which you feel you need to pack the big boys? 125mi? 200?

    I've made a few 200+ mi trips with just my M&P 40c, extra mags along with three boxes and a bag of ammo. I used to pack my 870 in the trunk but haven't done so for awhile. I figured I would find a long gun along the way if the world went to hell.

    What say you all?

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    I have a 'travel gun' set up that stays usually in the passenger seat and will have a long gun as well. This in addition to carry weapon(s).

    Usually, I'll bring them out for anything about an hour away or more.
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    Whether you need a long gun or not isn't dependent on how far from home base you are. You either are someone who keeps one in the vehicle or you don't. Myself? I keep the ruger 10-22 takedown with can and bdc scope on it in my vehicle.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Depends on if I am flying or driving......... driving I have several.......... flying I go to handguns for ease of transport. Depends.
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    If I head out of town for more than a day, there's a long gun that comes along for the ride.
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    Since almost all my travel was by air to either Los Angeles, or Toronto, I had to get used to traveling defenseless; didn't like it, but really had no choice.
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    I just drove from Kansas to Virginia and back with just my EDC, even had to drive thru Il..(had to put it away for that part) and I am still alive and everything...
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    If I'm going someplace for the day then I just have my XD 40 with extra mag. For overnight trips I take the 30/30 or 308 both older and well used so I won't be losing a lot if something happens to them along with a couple extra XD mags. Both the rifles are set up with stock packs so along with the loaded mag the stock pack has around 20 more rounds. I purchased this Amazon.com: Classic Accessories Deluxe Seat Back Gun Case, Tan: Sports & Outdoors its black in color and with the rear tented windows its hard to see even knowing its there.

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    I have driven across 4 different states for 3 day with only a 380 and a 9. The problem I see is that many states and counties can have weird laws on long guns what is ok what is not etc in terms of awb and transport which can be less clear then they are with handguns . Also most of my long guns that I used to have were were pricy guns that I rather not get messed up/ lost . For me if I did pack a long gun it would something that takes the same mags as my handgun just to make it easier so something like a camp 9/45 a pc9/40 or some form of sub2000/sub9 would work for me esp the subs they are only gun I would really consider taking as they fold up and can be locked . That or a knock around ak with a folding stock or a cheapo shotguns not something that can not be replaced

    Of course if instate in AZ I may just throw a ak on the seat next to me or under the seat

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    I carry more for the potential of a natural disaster like a 9.0 earthquake, volcanic eruption, or major winter storm occurring while I am gone and how long it might take me to walk home than for the mugger or carjacker potential. I am very comfortable with a government size 1911 and a spare magazine around town. Occasionally, I carry a pocket pistol only to run to the grocery store. Often, I carry a 1911 and a pocket pistol. The further I am away from home, the more I want to carry for long term survival including an AR. If I am in areas where large animal attacks are a high potential, I want to carry bigger calibers which usually include revolvers and rifles.
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    Always carry.

    Never know when you might get a flat tire.

    I REALLY HATE feeling vulnerable.
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    I always travel with an AK underfolder stowed in a hidden trunk well. Doesn't matter if the trip is 5 miles or 500 miles. You never know when your life might be in jeopardy.
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    I've taken either a EBR or shotgun, occasionally, both on long distance trips...
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    Working on the theory that a pistol is only used for convenience of carry and should be employed to quickly fight to an escape, or to a rifle, I find myself asking, "what is the role of a long gun on the road?" In the home, a long gun provides far more fight stopping power than a pistol. In the home, it does not need to be carried for long or concealed.

    On a road trip, I would need to carry the rifle in the trunk, or in a case behind the seat in a pick up. It also needs to be unloaded in both the chamber and magazine in many states. Do some states even require the firearm and ammo be separated?

    So tactically speaking, the long gun will be useless while driving. Is the intent to assemble and load the gun in the hotel room? Perhaps #4 express loads are safer to potentially have to shoot at hotel walls than a 9mm? Is all that worth the hassle to face a risk that a service pistol won't handle?

    LC made two good points. Walking through the wilderness, and natural disaster.
    Wilderness- I can't walk through MI with a loaded rifle or shotgun without a valid hunting license and blaze orange.
    Natural disaster- tornados and earthquakes happen regularly without bringing about TEOTWAWKI. Volcanoes- only in Hawaii (where I can't carry anyway) or AK, where everyone has guns, and the residents prepare for 10 months of winter. A little lava isn't a worry. (Ha, ha)
    Hurricanes- I'm on a road trip, right? Can I drive away from a storm that has 3 days warning?

    So I keep asking myself, is all this worth it to defend a hotel room? Will a service pistol do the job?
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    I carried a long gun for years, Under the seat of a pick up. It was there for the potential after work doves, quail, and coyotes. But I worked on Ag wells and some were out in the middle of no where. Theres was always that posibility of running into people who didnt want to be seen or people who were willing to take what you had to get them selfs out of the situation they found them selfs in. I carried a hand gun for times I had to work away from my truck, and the long gun in the truck. Im not sure Id pack a long gun to travel tho. The point of the hand gun is to be portable. DR

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