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Thread: Vacation planner

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    Vacation planner

    Ok, I’m thinking about our upcoming spring vacation, and as usual my G26 will be on my hip. But, this got me thinking about should I or should I not bring along a long gun, to keep locked in the trunk, for the just in case, some kind of disaster happens.

    If you check yes, that you do bring along a rifle, on vacation, which one do you bring?

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    I have not took a long gun on a non shooting related vacation. I don't think it is a bad idea.
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    I bring an AR and a carbine on vacation. More due to the fact I wouldn't want to miss out on a opportunity to go to a new range more than anything else though.
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    If we have room and I think that I will have an opportunity to use one I will. Otherwise, no.

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    By 'vacation', I'm assuming you don't mean a trip to the lease
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    We often go to St. Simon's Island in GA, and I do bring a handgun.

    I can't imagine packing a long gun with all the other crap we bring for a beach vacation. And my wife would look at me and say "What? Really?"
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    No on the long gun it would get more in the way .
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    My vacations are to the Smokeys or out West. I always pull my 33 ft camper and always take my AR..
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    It depends on where we are going. If it is California, Hawaii, we need our passports, or we have to take a commercial flight, I don't even bring a knife. If it is Oregon or Washington, and we are driving there, I do bring a rifle in case of a natural disaster.

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    Have done so. Don't, generally.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    If you saw how much my wife packed for a 3-day trip, you wouldn't bother to ask me that question.
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    AZ moutain lands
    The better question is where and how long ..

    I might bring a sub 2000/9 with me or a folding AK if going to deep woods or remort lands .. Esp if said gun used the same mags as my cary gun.
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    If I head off to high country here in AZ, even for a day, there's an AR in the car.
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    call me paranoid, but the wife and i are planning a road trip that will be 9 hours each way next weekend. i will be bringing both our pistols, my heavily customized mini-14, and her 870 20 ga. i've got a nice lockable pelican-style case that holds both longs guns. a backpack full of mags, shells, and bullets.i will probably even throw my interceptor vest in the load. nice thing about having a suburban. yes it's overkill and hopefully completely unnecassary, but the world is going durned crazy, and being 300 miles from home with two babies and my wife in unknown territory makes me wanna pack the whole farm.

    i don't quite go as all out, but i even tend to up-gun when i'm going 50 miles south to the in-laws for dinner. the way luck has always gone; doomsday will kickstart while i'm away from home with nothing but dead cell phone and good intentions. i take the boy scout thing pretty seriously.
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    I did not vote:
    1). if going camping or its a driving vacation, my AR-15 or Black out 300 comes along, sometimes a bolt action or M1A,
    2). if going on airplane, nothing i'm just a helpless sheeple.

    with everything going on now, if I can't drive there I don't need to go there.
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