Warning Signs?

Warning Signs?

This is a discussion on Warning Signs? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Someone I know has bad two attempted break-ins in the past couple of months. After the first one, they put these signs on their door. ...

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Thread: Warning Signs?

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    Warning Signs?

    Someone I know has bad two attempted break-ins in the past couple of months. After the first one, they put these signs on their door.

    They had another one in spite of the signs. Part of me thinks the signs might be a deterrent. Part of me thinks they might alert criminals to the fact that there are guns in the house.

    Mostly, I think that if you had to use lethal force,these signs would make the DA/LEOs think you were looking for an excuse to shoot someone.
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    Don't tell (by placing a sign in your window advertising you have guns) and never advertise by placing those neat little gun stickers that you're given with your next gun purchase.
    I wonder if the BGs would get it, seeing a sign that stated: "Residence protected by Astro Ventilation Systems"
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    Sure, I can see how and why they could be a deterrent. I can also see how and why they'd be an advertisements of sorts. Thanks to the signs, a BG doesn't have to break in to know that there's gun(s) inside. They also now know to either a) make damn sure nobody is home or b) come heavily armed and prepared to engage with the homeowner and c) they decide to skip the house because of their risk-verse-reward analysis, which is of course the intended purpose of the signs/stickers.

    I personally rather not roll the dice and that also goes for decals on my vehicles. I equate it to CCing instead of OCing because you want to keep the element of surprise on your side, while wearing a shirt that says "I'M ARMED".
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    I think they're bad if you did have to use your firearm in self defense. Just gives the prosecutor ammo against you if they decide to press charges. Also opens up the door for civil suits.
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    Don't know how the court systems look at them type of signs after a shooting but if you have security type signs stuck in the ground next to your house .

    Thiefs just want stuff and guns are stuff .
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    I don't like to advertise and prefer to have the element of surprise on my side.
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    1: Those signs assume the thieves are literate.

    2: Why would you give up the element of surprise which could tip the scales your way? Speed, surprise and violence of action are all things that you want to utilize if you are trying to survive a bad encounter.

    3: A Brinks security sign would probably be a more effective deterrent than a "Crazy armed redneck" one.
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    Don't advertise, period! Shirts, stickers, signs, etc. could work against you.
    "Always carry, never tell" applies to your house too.
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    I don't worry about DAs or civil suits in a real case of self defense,at least not around here..The one thing i personally wouldn't want to do is advertise i'm armed or even giving the hint guns may be inside.
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    Since they tried a second time I'd say his strategy FAILED
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    I put such signage up there with matching his 'n hers "I'm With Stupid" T-shirts.
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    hmm. i'll put it this way. you guys. this random group of strangers; knows more about my guns, my habits, my training, my mindset, and my resolve, than most of my neighbors, most of my coworkers, and even some of my friends. i have worked at my job 8 years, and most of the people there don't know i have fairly extensive martial arts training, they don't know i am gun owner, they don't know i carry guns, and i am happier that way. it takes a bunch of trust earned over time, or anonymity to get to know me.

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    I never did get those advertisements. Like has been said. Hey Look we have guns so if you do break in arm up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeye .45 View Post
    1: Those signs assume the thieves are literate.
    Or intelligent. The really smart thieves ply their trade with pens and keyboards, not by physical break-ins.
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    Time to invest in a heavy duty door and door frame (one without the other is pretty lame) and perhaps a dog or 2. Lose the signs.

    Actually my first thought was, "Is he a drug dealer?"
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