Terrible - Boy Shot by Uncle while Showing Gun Collection

Terrible - Boy Shot by Uncle while Showing Gun Collection

This is a discussion on Terrible - Boy Shot by Uncle while Showing Gun Collection within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I hope this is the right forum for this subject... The epitome of stupidity!!!! Boy fatally shot by uncle showing off laser sight (VIDEO)...

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Thread: Terrible - Boy Shot by Uncle while Showing Gun Collection

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    Terrible - Boy Shot by Uncle while Showing Gun Collection

    I hope this is the right forum for this subject...

    The epitome of stupidity!!!!

    Boy fatally shot by uncle showing off laser sight (VIDEO)
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    I'm speechless!

    Prayers for the boy's family.
    "If you make something idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot."

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    idiot, one of the basic rules is to treat every handgun like it is loaded. Whenever someone wats to look at my guns i also check the action and make sure there is no magazine in the gun, even if i "know" that it isnt loaded. Better to be safe than sorry. This sounds like a manslaughter charge to me.

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    Stupid can't be fixed. Even if a gun is verified to be unloaded, one still never points a gun at anyone for any reason, even if the trigger is not pulled.

    Rule No. 1, treat all guns as being loaded.
    Rule No.2, see rule No. 1

    Quote Originally Posted by mano3 View Post
    I hope this is the right forum for this subject...

    The epitome of stupidity!!!!

    Boy fatally shot by uncle showing off laser sight (VIDEO)

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    See my signature. Violation of rules 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Also, if you are going to present a firearm for examination, clear it and lock the slide.

    So sad.
    -PEF, a Framer with a Steelie...
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    2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
    3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
    4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

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    Killing the boy goes way beyond "reckless endangerment."
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    This is just so sad.
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    "Positive" it was unloaded? Not if he didn't check.

    How awful for the family. A little one who won't know a full life, due to failure to stress the importance of safety first, safety last, safety always. I can't imagine the suffering they're going through right now.
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    Well I can certainly see why this 34 year old uncle had to live in the boy's grandparent's basement. Not a whole lot of brain power going on there. Aim a gun at a kid's head and pull the trigger. You freaking moron.
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    That was so pathetically sickening that I can't even comment.
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    Prayers for the family.

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    I choose to not watch the vid (this sort of thing gets to me), but I'll still comment that it's worse than stupid, or foolish.

    The basic rules of firearm safety are simple, straightforward, easy-to-follow, and must remain inviolate.

    Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
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    You can't check your guns often enough. So sad that another child is dead.

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    Tragic. I just read this to my 9 year old son who is learning to shoot. We just returned home from his second handgun class. If anything good can come from this tragedy, it will be others learning from it. I can only hope and pray that my sharing it with him enforces the importance of the 4 rules of gun safety. This act violated all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Killing the boy goes way beyond "reckless endangerment."
    I'm not a lawyer, but IMO since two of the basic rules of gun handling are treat every gun as loaded and ready to fire and you don't point a gun at anything you don't intend to destroy or kill, pointing a (always loaded) gun at a child's head is intent to kill that child. That's murder, not reckless endangerment.
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