Keeping AR from kids

Keeping AR from kids

This is a discussion on Keeping AR from kids within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Now that I've got a little one on the way I've started thinking of how I'm going to secure my weapons. Right now it's just ...

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Thread: Keeping AR from kids

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    Keeping AR from kids

    Now that I've got a little one on the way I've started thinking of how I'm going to secure my weapons. Right now it's just the wife and I so I keep the AR loaded and under my bed. This will have to change once my little one starts crawling so I'm asking the opinions of people who have been down this road- how do I secure the AR from my little one while keeping it readily accessible? Mind you I'm not trying to keep it away from a somewhat sophisticated burglar but rather a toddler so the cheaper and more basic while still accomplishing the job the better.
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    Gun safe or lock mounted to the wall. Lock it up soon, little ones can get into stuff before you expect.
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    Something like this might work: Tufloc gun racks; Pro-Gard gun racks; or Santa Cruz gun racks.

    For a more minimalist approach, something like this might suit you: Santa Cruz gun locks.
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    There's a gun safe that fits well in a corner. Holds 1 rifle. It's built as a quick opening-rapid deployment safe. Unless you bolt it up to wall and floor it can be carried away. Don't know the name of it. There's specialty furniture built designed to not look like a safe or hidey hole. It's pricey tho.
    There's a safe that fits under a bed. It slides out for fast access.

    One way or the other you're gonna need a safe or sell that rifle.

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    Outstanding you are thinking it all through. Awesome. One of the better examples as to why this place rocks! They grow up so very quickly.
    You will get a lot of great response. Just had to take a second to give some kudos!
    And congratulations on the newborn.
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    Keep it out of sight and secured until you feel you want to teach them about the black rifle.Take the mystery out of rifles ,pistols and you will not have an issue .Train kids as much as they want once you start.

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    Large bike hooks. Installed in the wall, inside the closet over the door. Out of reach from a toddler, easy access for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Out of reach from a toddler...
    There is no such thing. Some toddlers are good climbers before they can walk. A friend was terrified to find her toddler on top of her refrigerator. Congrats to the OP for dealing with the risk.

    I saw one of these at my LGS yesterday. : SHOT LOCK AR Solo-Vault Safe : Sports & Outdoors Looks promising.
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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I like the idea of mounting it up high over the closet entryway- that could hold me over a while but only until jr starts walking at which time I could figure something else out. As for my EDC, I will get one of those fast access biometric jobs and then a cabinet for my other guns, knives, ammo etc.
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    Also, If kept unloaded (no round in the chamber), I highly doubt a toddler will have the strength or coordination to pull the charging handle.
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    I like that lock. I wouldn't consider as an option just next to the bed or something, but in a secure room/closet I would use it.

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    I use a V-Line Long Gun Vault, pictured here with my Benelli. It now holds my Colt LE6920 and a couple mags. I have 3 V-Lines total for my CCW pistol, a dedicate HD pistol and my long gun. They use a mechanical simplex lock (I've st all my combos the same) and have a little extra room for extra ammo, HH lights etc. The only issue I've found is with my AR and Optic, I can only fit a 20rd mag.

    With AR:

    With M1S90:

    Nightstand Pistol:

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    I second educating the child as quickly as they can reasonably understand. Jim Cirillo wrote a book that I am fond of that has a chapter on kids and guns. The short version is that the more you educate, expose them to, and let them handle firearms, the faster they will lose the taboo of guns. In the mean time, a high up storage will work till your child can climb (this will happen quickly.)

    My 7 year old has (from the age of 5) been shooting 22 pistol, rifle, revolver and AR-15 in .223.
    We started teaching him about guns at about 3 and a half when he first saw and asked about what was that lump on daddys hip. We set rules about handling guns and any time he ever asked if he could see a gun he has been allowed. We have a routing to establish if the gun is loaded or unloaded and HE is the one that is charged with the initial determination of if the firearm is clear. He knows the 4 basic rules of handgun safety and can recite them on command. At first he was wanting to see guns all the time but after a few months they just became another thing in the house. At this point I feel confident that he will never touch a gun without consent from one of a small group of implicitly trusted people. A little education goes a long way.

    You can get a key operated gun cabinet (not going to keep out determined bad guys but petty thieves and little hands won't be able to get in) for about $200.
    A cheap pistol safe for under $200.

    For Starter options I suggest the below
    This is the gun cabinet I bought a while back: Stack-On Products 16-Gun Tactical Security Cabinet, Black -
    This is the pistol safe I bought long ago: SentrySafe 1.2 Cubic Ft. Biometric Lock Fire Safe -
    This is the book I mentioned:
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    I saw this one in the store once - Sentry Safe Home Defense Center. For a single long gun solution, it looks pretty practical. It includes a shelf for pistol or other items, digital lock, a hidden floor compartment, and bolt-down capability.

    Sentry Safe product page

    Amazon ($570)

    Keeping AR from kids-sentrysafe_homedefensecenter.png

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