Home Surveillance System Question

Home Surveillance System Question

This is a discussion on Home Surveillance System Question within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Due to my Jeep's light bar recently walking away I've decided that a home surveillance system might need to be a bit higher on the ...

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Thread: Home Surveillance System Question

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    Home Surveillance System Question

    Due to my Jeep's light bar recently walking away I've decided that a home surveillance system might need to be a bit higher on the list than it currently is. (That being said, while I have a separate question, any recommendations are welcome.) Maybe even more important than a replacement scope for the .50!

    Anyways, I was wondering what everyone thought about placing cameras inside your home? While I'd like to provide every level of protection for my children I'm a little leery of putting cameras in our family areas, i.e. the living room, upstairs around our bedrooms (minus my office/gun room, that will be on camera) and I'm definitely not comfortable putting a camera inside their rooms.
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    Camera inside the home? For remote monitoring when you are NOT home?

    I submit cameras in the home while you are home is like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped.

    Perimeter outside security/notification is what you want. (i.e) advance notice (IF) someone is attempting entry.

    The more advance notice you have, the better your chances of defending against a attack.

    Difficult to build a security system until one defines the goals, reasons for one etc...
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    Putting cameras in Bedrooms is creepy , but putting them in common areas no problem . The reason is if you have latch key kids you can check in on them . But for me cameras would be best served by all the doors and yard area .
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    Good idea. My only point in replying: make sure you check state and local laws. In some places, you have to put out a sign stating that people are being recorded.
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    One of my bosses has a camera set up that he can monitor from his cell. He can answer his door from his cell also. He can view the common areas of his house , and has surprised his wife a couple times that I know of with this ability. She does like that she can see into the house before she inters tho. When she is coming home she scans the garage, house' and yards' before entering. They can answer the door, and who ever is there would not know if they are home or not.

    They also have a setup on a cabin that tells then of the inside temp, to know if the pipes are in danger of freezing, and a cam that views the roof to know if they need to remove snow.

    Before he came to us He did Smart Home Auto Systems.

    Personally I like the cabin system but not so much the home cameras. Of course it might be different if I was at the cabin and wanted to see my home. DR

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    Outside cameras are a good idea, just make sure you get the right camera for you location out side. If it is well lit you will not need a IR lighting, just a good low light camera, but you are going pay a little for it. If you are looking for a camera that faces the sun most of the day now you need something that can handle extreme light transitions. It's hard to find all in one type cameras unless you want to spend a small fortune. Just make sure you ask the right questions when you go to by. As for cameras in the home I have a few but honestly by the time they are in the house it's too late I would agree with rights ^^^^^. With in side cameras though you could just buy some decent store cameras would be good. As for the bedroom cameras, well unless you put them in your hot neighbors bed room well yes that's a little weird. But hay I'm sure that's how Ron Jeremy got started

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    I have Two family members that have cameras monitoring inside and out. One has little dogs and likes to check on them. He can view everything on his phone. He has speakers and microphones so he can here and talk to them.
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    Just switched carries yesterday. Didn't do cameras because where I live I don't feel I need them. There is plenty of options for cameras out there. You can either do them your self or have the security company do them.
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    I got my system from Security Cameras | Video Surveillance Systems | CCTV. Folks there were super helpful and knowledgeable. You'll get a chat popup if you go there during business hours, and it's a real person here in the US, which is nice.

    They're fairly pricy if you're comparing them to stuff like Qsee or Zmodo, but the quality is top notch in my opinion. I spent $1600 for 6 3MP cameras and a recorder with a 1TB hard drive. Keeps a couple weeks of footage at full resolution and 60fps. I got PoE cameras, but you could save a fairly significant amount by getting cameras that use a separate power source or lowering the resolution to 720p.

    I've pulled footage for police once already. Guy didn't get caught yet, but we have good shots that positively ID his vehicle and we haven't seen hide or hair since posting photos on Facebook and posters. He's suspected in a couple dozen burglaries.

    I'm attaching an example screenshot. The forums may down sample it and lower the quality.

    Cameras like Dropcams are nice and have audio and cloud storage, but there's a monthly fee for the storage. If you don't pay that fee, there is no way to record to anything like a local computer or SD card.

    Just general advice: As an IT guy, I don't like wireless cameras. Just not as reliable for data transmission. Running cables can suck but it's the best way. Go digital, not analog. I don't care how many TV lines the analog camera says it supports, the actual video standard they use will never, ever rival the quality of digital HD. I'm on my phone so I won't go into all the detail, but I can later if you want.

    Try to place cameras so that they can see each other, or so that the cameras cannot be approached without being seen by another. A company I worked for had all their cameras stolen with no evidence because one blind spot allowed the thief to get the first one, then they went down like dominoes and never saw him.

    Edit: Realized I never answered your other question. I'm leery about cameras inside the home. I prefer outside, myself. Let's you see what's going on outside, who's at the door etc. Night vision on my cameras is very effective out to about 40 feet, and pretty good out to 70 or so. They have a slight glow at night from the IR lights, and that combined with being visible in the daytime seems like it adds a deterrent factor to me.

    Not to mention I'm not always fully clothed when I walk around my house. My cameras or not, that just weird me out that they'd record that.
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    Aside from bedroom cameras, which I think you can get around by placing cameras in hallways, my big concern is anything security wise that communicates over a WIFII. Those can be hacked, although basic street criminals probably cannot.

    Wireless video feeds can be monitored from outside the home. I like cameras outside the house. Inside, I prefer hard-wired systems. You should also think about placement of the recorder itself. If someone breaks in and finds the recorder, no video.
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    I would recommend mavlon tech if you would like to have an effective home monitoring system.

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