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Do you disarm when you get home?

This is a discussion on Do you disarm when you get home? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by BkCo1 Grady, I belive you have holsters grafted to your skin . I never knew anyone that carried so many gun at ...

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Thread: Do you disarm when you get home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BkCo1 View Post
    I belive you have holsters grafted to your skin. I never knew anyone that carried so many gun at one time.
    Semper Fi
    I think you are on to something there. More better, skin grafts to holster pistols. Wait til the plastic surgeons get a holt of this. We can get a holster augmentation every time we get a bigger gun.

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    It's either on my belt or within reach 24/7.

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    I always have a gun in hands reach at home. Might not be my EDC but there's one available.

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    There are times when I leave it on from being out and about. Usually though it's not on me all the time at home. I have 2 young girls so I can still keep it on top of the armoire and keep it away from them. My bedroom armoire is not far from anywhere in my house. Yeah it's kinda small. There's a G19 in a Serpa on my side of the armoire, a keltec P3at on my wife's side, and an 870 with #6 in the closet, cruiser ready.

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    Always on except in bed and the shower unless I change in to bed clothes early or am sick, then it's by my side... table/desk etc.
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    When I'm home, I tend to put the gun in my Smart Carry and wear it outside of my clothes. It's super comfy and I like having it on me rather than near me.

    But sometimes I keep the gun within reach instead of on my body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    When you get home from work do take off your sidearm or do you wear it until you go to bed?
    I stay armed even in the house. I carry an XD .40 service size, but I do downsize when I get home. I put on the Taurus PT-111 in a OWB holster. It's just more comfortable for around the house. It has been a 100% reliable little gun so I trust it. The XD too of course.
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    The only time a gun isnt within 3 feet of me is when at work (airport), otherwise always armed.
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    I may take one or two guns off when I get home, but I also keep at least one gun on my person until I retire for the evening.


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    Do you disarm when you get home?
    Generally, it's on me until I turn in. Occasionally, I'll remove it, but it's within arm's reach (ie, if working on the computer).
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    I carry every dry waking hour.
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    I'll echo what a lot of others have already stated. From the minute I put my pants on in the morning until I go to bed each night, I'm carrying one of two handguns.

    When I go to bed each night I have my G26 on the nightstand. That's my primary SD handgun. My backup SD handgun at home is a Kel-Tec P-11.

    I recently had to appear in court for a preliminary hearing. I had to file charges against someone who assaulted me at work. I felt SO vulnerable the entire time I walked from the parking garage to the courthouse. I haven't felt so vulnerable in a long while. I had to leave my trusty G26 in my COM safe in my Ford F-250 pick-up. It's amazing how vulnerable you feel without my SD handgun on you!

    If I'm awake I'm carrying!
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    My wife actually insists that I remain armed when I get home. She has been unnerved by a couple of incidents in our neighborhood... And, we live in a fairly nice neighborhood. My wife also carries, but she puts her handgun away at home, because it is uncomfortable for her to wear.
    "Si vis pacem, para bellum"

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    I usually remove my primary and just leave the LCP in my pocket until bed time. Just in-case a creeper comes callin.
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    Do you disarm when you get home?
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