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Do you disarm when you get home?

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Thread: Do you disarm when you get home?

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    heck no i carry till bed time
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    why carry a weapon around the house, when there is always one within arm’s reach.
    Unless a gun is carried, then while going from room to room a gun cannot always be in reach unless a new gun is stored every 3ft along every wall in every room, including everywhere outdoors a person would go. Either one carries it in a holster (hip, pocket, shoulder) or one carries it in the hand. Them's the only two choices, short of having ~50 guns pre-planted throughout a home.
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    It depends on what I'm doing after work. If i'm doing something like cleanning the dog lots or mowing the yard I'll switch to an OWB holster. If I'm just sitting around doing pretty much nothing I'll continue to carry my IWB holster or lay it on the desk/table next to me.
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    Depends, but usually I lock it up once I get home.

    I have several other safety measures once I'm home in which I am comfortable with the time it takes to retrieve a weapon from whatever room I am in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    When you get home from work do take off your sidearm or do you wear it until you go to bed?
    I put it on first thing in the morning and carry all day long till just before bedtime at which time its put on the nightstand (still in holster).
    We have no kids so thats not an issue.
    Generally there is at least one 12 gauge with 00 buck within reach of the bed during the night as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red82 View Post
    This is great practical advice. I hate that my inlaws have all these BIG windows and NEVER have blinds down even at night. I've always been scared I'm going to look out the window one night and somebody will be watching me.
    I have big windows and ALWAYS leave them open on the main floors (day and night). Could someone be peeking in? Yeah.

    When I was a kid, we had a two-bedroom house for a family of seven. My room was in the basement. No windows. Very little light. No view. I love my property and the grounds. I always leave the windows open. It's an issue from where/how I grew up.

    I'll take the risk. I am not going to let "preparedness" leave me living like a demented hermit.

    I also don't usually carry at home. Personally, I like being prepared, but I also like to relax. I am busy enough with my three jobs and outside activities. Could a home invader catch me off-guard? Sure.

    I could also walk outside with my pistola on my hip and dozens of rounds of SD ammo only to have an attacker take me off-guard from behind a tree and slay me on the spot.

    You make your choices, and accept the consequences.

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    Kind of...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    When you get home from work do take off your sidearm or do you wear it until you go to bed?
    I typically take it off my person when I get home. If I am doing yard work or something, it goes on with my change of clothes. If I am doing general house stuff it normally sits on the coffee table to keep it close by in case of unexpected visitors. If I head to the basement for an extended period, I do carry it down there with me though.

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    Compared to most of you, I'm new to the CC world. I've had my permit for nearly 2 years, bought an EDC about a year ago, and finally got a nice IWB holster about 6 months ago. I've carried about every day since, but I'm still not 24/7. When I get home and change out of my work clothes, I'll usually disarm and lock it up at the same time. If I go out later that night, I'll typically re-arm, but not always.

    I'm getting there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugergirl View Post
    Crime reports show that 100% of home invasions happen at home. I carry from the time I get dressed in the morning, until I undress and go to bed. Having my gun on my hip makes it accessible no matter where I am in the house.
    Right on!
    ps: LMAO

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    I am carrying 24/7/365 unless I'm showering or I'm somewhere where it's illegal to carry.

    The MAIN reason I carry is for home defense.

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    Shove the 638 in my jammies and it lays on the table when I sleep and the Mossy is always close while sleeping.

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    When I get home from work, thats when I arm myself. Can't carry at work and since I drive a Motorcyle, I can't secure the gun
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    When at home and not planning on going anywhere,I'll change holsters IWB
    to OWB, plus there is a Ruger Security Six in my longe chair, But I still have my
    EDC on till bed time.
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    Where ever the government says go
    I carry my G23 when I get home from work since I can not carry while at work (Military Base)
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    I carry my EDC (G26) at home as long as I am in my street clothes. When I slip into my sweats, the LCP goes in the pocket and the G26 is within reach. My 642 is nearby as well..
    Sometimes in life you have to stand your ground. It's a hard lesson to learn and even most adults don't get it, but in the end only I can be responsible for my life. If faced with any type of adversity, only I can overcome it. Waiting for someone else to take responsibility is a long fruitless wait.

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