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Do you disarm when you get home?

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Thread: Do you disarm when you get home?

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    No, neither does my wife.

    We both carry at all times, owning our own business also allows us to carry at work at all times.
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    The only time I'm not carrying is when I'm in bed sleeping. Even then I always have a gun within reach in my nightstand.

    Once in a while people knock on my door at very unusual times of the day. As a rule I tell ANYONE planning on visiting me to call ahead & let me know they are stopping by my apartment. This includes family. Nowadays you have to be very careful!

    If I don't know they are arriving, I'm NOT opening my door unless it's an emergency. Hopefully they have valid ID if they want me to open my door. If it's a uniformed LEO that's entirely different matter.
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    No...I generally keep my firearm with me...unless I'm driving on base...
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    Most of the time I still carry at home, usually a pocket gun of some sorts if I have to answer the door in the evening time.
    God bless our troops!

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    Cool In response to red82

    I believe I've already related this story on this site before. As a child living in south Texas I woke to find someone lookin at me through the door at the rear of our house trying to break in. That changed me forever now I carry all the time home and away! One story I've told very few people. When I first moved to Houston I got a day off during the middle of the week from my job. Was upstairs giving my boxer "Mike" a bath when he started barking I went to see what set him off only to find some guy trying to get thru my front door. I immediatly went to the bed room which was very close by, and grabbed my Winchester Home Defender. I got about halfway down the stairs before he got a look at me and left. Just thought I would share that.

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    Nope. I just switch to the LCP in a pocket or in the waistbaind of lounge/sweat pants.

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    More home invasions happen at home than anyplace else!

    So I'm strapped when chillin' at da hizzle....
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    My knife is always in my pocket, as that's the best I can do here. My XD9 is Condition 1 in my Gunvault. Thinking about getting a LCP to pocket carry at home.
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    since I cant carry at work I will answer as if its my off time..I put it away when im just at the house. I dont wear it around the house all day or after I get in from running around where I ever had it on to go.

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    Wear mine all day long. You never know when the badguys are going to break in!
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    Since I teach in public schools in Tennessee, I cannot carry until I get home. I carry as soon as I get in the door, until I go to bed (and then it is still by my side--no young children at home).
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    Yep, I carry @home.
    Take off G26, convert to G30, have 870's and 1911's nearby. I get complaints/comments () from family about "playing with the weapons", but dry-firing is still good trigger control practice!
    ... and yes, I carry to open the front door, especially on Halloween !

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    yes, I disarm when I get home, I take off the duty Glock 17.....

    ....and then I put on my G30 in a paddle holster
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    My house is a gun-free zone. So I just kindly ask that all criminals disarm as well before entering my home. And take off their shoes so they don't ruin the carpet, either.

    Just kidding! If someone were to invent a water-proof holster, I'd probably carry in the shower too. :)

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    carry in the the home..? uh, yup!

    Yes, I carry in the house as well...if I have to take it off I secure it and keep it close...! I agree with the murphy's law equation...or paranoid about it anyways...that's why I stay away from picking numbers..always worried my number will come up when I don't play it...LOL...I might as well give myself the best opportunity to survive...!
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