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Do you disarm when you get home?

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Thread: Do you disarm when you get home?

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    I am always armed. It's near me at home, away from the house, and when I'm sleeping.

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    I was thinking of getting Stainless Ruger sp101 just for Sunday socials and church , Would look good in a suit !! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadhawg View Post
    Exactly! I might not always have it on my hip, but it's always within arms reach.

    You will never begin in the fight you have planned for. You will begin in the fight the other guy has planned for.
    Move in a manner that leads him into your fight should he press his attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    When you get home from work do take off your sidearm or do you wear it until you go to bed?
    Nope. Still on me now. At bedtime goes in a safe next to the bed.

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    I always have a firearm within arm's reach at all times when I am at home. Whether it is on my belt or close by, it's there.
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    Lightbulb i carry all the day long

    I carry all day until I go to bed> you never know when an invasion is coming

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    I generally don't see the need to disarm at home, unless I'm changing or showering, so I keep it on my hip or under my arm at all other times. As I don't need to be cautious about CC during those times, a couple of friends have been introduced to the fact that I carry after visiting me unexpectedly. After realizing that they've known me all this time without being aware, they quickly come to terms with the fact that guns can be carried by good guys, they can be concealed and there's never a danger or threat to the general public ("I only thought criminals had guns"). It's a good opportunity to pass on a little education to those who are ignorant about such matters.

    I have the most trouble remembering to cover when going outside my front door (to my car for example). There's rarely a chance I will see anyone due to my remote location but I still need to address the sensibility of the neighboring houses and avoid some idiot perhaps informing the police of "...a man with a gun..."
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    Definitely not. Carrying has become so second nature for me that I don't even think about it. It's like wearing a watch (which I wear 24/7). Even when I worked in IT at a large mortgage company I was armed, despite the company policy against it. If some deranged ex-employee decided to make a statement, I'll be damned if I'm going to be unarmed. I'd rather be able to defend myself than become a statistic.

    The only time a gun isn't on my hip is if I'm showering, sleeping, or in sweat pants (or have to go to the courthouse). When I shower, it's on the shelf 3 inches from the shower. When sleeping, it's on the night stand. When in sweats, it's on the end table next to me as I sit and watch TV, or in the waistband if I go out to the garage.

    Other than those three scenario's, I just don't see a reason NOT to have the gun on me.

    YMMV, of course.

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    When I go to bed or jump into the shower.
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    During the day I carry Kimber Stainless 2 and when I get home at night I use Kimber custom 2 (full size) 1911 when I'm inside my house. It has night sights and the smaller one does not have night sights or laser.....yet. But when I go out to drive at night I carry the smaller one again. Both are cocked and ready to rock and both have back up mags as well. As being a vet and brought up in a military home we are all firm believers of having back ups!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grady View Post
    I carry 17/7, assuming I sleep 6 1/2 hours and take a 1/2 hour shower every day.
    +1 Won't do you much good if not readily at hand.
    "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli" Clemenza

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    I'm an elementary teacher I can't carry while at work. So I arm once I'm home!
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    I always have at least one gun on me from the time I get out of bed until the time I go back to bed. In the shower there is one within arms reach. Always.
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    I don't carry at home. Most of the times, I wear some gym shorts that feel labored if I put my phone in my pocket let alone a gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    When you get home from work do take off your sidearm or do you wear it until you go to bed?

    I normally unchamber (reholster) and have a cocktail before dinner. I leave it unchambered (small kids at home) until I leave the next morning. I live on 22 acres and can see and hear any vehicle approaching from the main road. I feel this would give me sufficient time to rack one if I felt a threat was approaching.

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