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Broadview Home security commercials......

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Thread: Broadview Home security commercials......

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    Funny how AJ spent an evening at a house party but no one knew him.
    AJ should have tried to let the lady answer/open the door maybe by stating he left something behind. Then there is no alarm, no smashing the door and ultimately no commerical.
    In my neigborhood the alarm would be noticed. Although not foolproof I'd rather have a system then not to have one. It is just another tool.
    When there is a dog that doesn't have to poop, then I might consider one.

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    All criminals are pathologically afraid of any type of beeping noise...i thought everyone knew that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    So many replies I could write to this but I am going to refrain as I like having my account.
    Me too! I have also chosen to hold back! It's not worth opening the can of worms!

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    Broadview Security Commercials...

    You ever notice how the phone is always ringing from the alarm company calling before the glass from the broken window even hits the floor?

    I mean, really people.

    I saw a pre-screening of the next commercial coming out!

    The new commercial scheduled to air in April shows a Swat Team coming out of the phone receiver in a cloud of mist when the woman say's "My ex-boyfriend just broke in and he's got a knife!"
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Ditto the alarm is merely an alarm clock and have there uses but I like to rely on my two dogs to alert me of danger and believe me you don't want to wake the little lady in the middle of the night she is turns into a warewolf of somesort. I feel sorry for some poor mis guided soul that wakes her in the middle of the night. I don't have a Carbon monoxide detector so after I put a couple rounds in the BG he will not only sue me for that but for any health issues he has in the next thirty years due to me not having a detector. HA.
    Let God Sort Em' Out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major G View Post
    Those commercials drive me nuts for so many reasons. So unrealistic. Someone (a gun manufacturer perhaps) should make a parody commercial where "AJ" breaks in and ignores the alarm. We hear two or three gunshots and then the phone rings. "Ma'am is everything ok?" "Some guy just tried to break in, but it's ok now, I took care of it." I bet the bleeding heart liberals would blow a gasket about political correctness and hug-a-thug.

    I wish i could remember the website (a training site), which had a great video of a lady running to her room, grabbed her gun and shouted to the intruder she had a gun. It was well acted but i dont remember where i saw it.
    "...trying to get a long gun into play while someone is all over you like a monkey eating a cupcake is not very conducive to good survival techniques." ~Bark'n

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    Quote Originally Posted by langlebl View Post
    Me too! I have also chosen to hold back! It's not worth opening the can of worms!
    Well, i will say this.

    Please refrain from attacking a group of people because of their sexual preferences. This is a gun forum, not a Religious, Straight, etc forum.

    Im willing to bet we have some Gay/Lesbian members on here who enjoy shooting and stand up for our 2nd Amendment Rights.
    "...trying to get a long gun into play while someone is all over you like a monkey eating a cupcake is not very conducive to good survival techniques." ~Bark'n

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce21b View Post
    are REALLY getting ridiculous....have you seen the latest one?????

    girl is talking with a guy at a house party "AJ".....everybody leaves and girl locks door and activates security system......shes in the kitchen and "AJ" is at the back door and breaks in....

    alarm sounds, AJ sees the menacing keypad on the door and bolts.....

    nothing wrong with a home security system (i guess)...but these commercials play on the "sheep" mentality a little too much.....
    I think " AJ " missed his chance..the girl actually appeared to be happy to see him show up at her back door. All smiles. Oh well, it shouldn't be to hard to find ol' AJ..he'll be the one at the hospital getting about 50 stitches in his elbow

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    How well do these alarms work if the bad guy is deaf?

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    Ha, ha, ha..... i have an alarm that I only turn on if I'm going out of town. The Ins Co asked if it was connected to a "service", and I told them no ..... it's simple, I live in a small town, it's connected up to two 135 db sirens, the Police station is 3 blocks away.... the whole town would know if someone was in my house and set it off, and the person who broke in would need to change their pants..... . LOL.

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    If totaly deaf not much. The scare factor will be gone, I would think the only hope would be for LEO to arrive before he gets out.

    Never really thought about deaf before. I would think that would change all the rules. If you pull a gun and tell him to stop, he doesn't hear you and you fire. Do the legal rules changes?

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    Broadview Home Security??

    The Alarm Companies that advertise will sell you a Alarm system for 0 $$ and all you get is one Control panel, two door contacts and a motion sensor. For extra they will sell you one smoke detector. Did you also know that the dialers in the systems are set to do Rotary Dial because they are so cheap they cannot get touchtone digits to go thru every time. So lets see here about timing, alarm goes off, it takes the dialer 20 seconds to dial the 800 number to the Central station that is all the way across the USA from where you live, assuming that AT&T's long distance is working. It then takes another 8-20 seconds to log onto the Alarm Receiver and transmit the code, then add on the time it takes to get into que at the Central Stations monitoring persons computer, add more time for them to figure out what is displayed, then go thru the call list and begin to start calling people, among which the Police are not first. Add this all up and you have a 6 minute Commercial TV break for advertising before any action is taken. My alarm company can respond in less than a minute cause the call went Touchtone, was received by two Central Stations that have 15 people on consoles and they will call back in less than a minute with two rings to my phone or they dispatch directly. False alarms are my issue that I pay to the city. Fortunately my system is very good and does not cause false alarms. False alarms are the worst call for a Policeman as they will go Code 3 to your location after they get the call maybe 8-20 minutes later if they are not tied up on something more major. I also just added 4 Day-Night cameras and a recording system into my house to augment the alarm system. Did you re-enforce your door frames from Kick-Ins?? I did.

    Good Luck with your alarm system.
    If only LIFE could be a little more tender and ART a little more robust. Alan Rickman
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    one thing you should check is the "call center" location

    a few years ago I heard that the ADT call center for western NY was someplace like St Louis, Mo. or something like that.

    so if your alarm goes off, the call goes to another state

    that may have changed by now, but the fact remains, i have set off residential alarms and waited up to 15 minutes for the cops to get there??? (goofy people leave there doors unlocked for me to service there furnace, but leave the alarm on?? )

    I figure an alarm is good if your not home, but if you are home there is no great deterrent than the barrel of a weapon.........

    ok, I'll concede, 2'x3' poster of Nancy Pelosi's face could scare off almost anyone

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    A security system is a good thing . . . just don't thinkl it will save your life.

    It will get the cops to you house, and it will discourage the vast majority of burglars.

    If you are the best trained, best armed, and most vigilant homeowner on the planet the burglars will steal your stuff every time if nobody is home.

    The alarm system is a good thing.
    "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground." - Thomas Jefferson

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    I was supposed to go to a friend of mines house for a surprise birthday party. I was going to set things up and had the keys. The friend was suppose to turn the alarm off. I guess he forgot and in a few seconds the alarm went off. About three minutes later the phone rings and it's the alarm company. They ask me if every thing is all right but never ask my name or a code number. In the mean time the alarm reset. No one ever showed up and the cops were never notified.

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