Consider a four footed furry thing as your first warning system

This is a discussion on Consider a four footed furry thing as your first warning system within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I don't rely on her, but one of my cats growls and runs toward the door about 5 seconds before the doorbell rings. She doesn't ...

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Thread: Consider a four footed furry thing as your first warning system

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    I don't rely on her, but one of my cats growls and runs toward the door about 5 seconds before the doorbell rings. She doesn't like anyone, not even my wife or me. She just tolerates us because we feed her and keep her box clean.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Dogs are great.

    However, when someone was breaking into my son's house and his wife was fighting the guy at the door to keep him from coming it, the cat (white / tan ear Siamese) attacked the guy by jumping in the middle of his face. When he ran away thru the snow , the cat was still attached to his face. She called me and I raced over there, and as we were waiting for the police to show the cat returned, covered in blood (white cat) but was unharmed, it was the perp's blood. The police followed the blood trail thru the fresh snow to a house 3 doors away, and when the guy answered the door with deep scratches and blood all over his face... as well as his shoes fit the foot prints in the snow , he was arrested.

    He was charged and found guilty of breaking & entering and attempted rape.
    I'm not surpised at your story. At one time we had an outside cat and outside dog. The dog was a big Catahoula Cur and my daughter used to like going outside and play wrestle with the dog. I happened to be watching one day and all of a sudden the cat came charging out of the bushes, up on his hind legs, and got between her and the dog.

    The cat would face the dog and jump towards it, apparently the cat thought the dog was harming my daughter and came to her rescue.
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    Here is my early warning system. All except the curly white one are 100# or over. The grand daughters offered to wash them so I had them in the truck.

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    yep, i got one of each. a boxer and a mean black cat.
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    Here's my "backup".

    And here, this looks like something out of a video game where the German Shepherd comes to attack. DOH!!!

    ...and lookout if this one gets anywhere near your ankles. Think of a Piranha. Fast, agile, and snap snap snap!!!
    (Well, ok, maybe not "fast and agile")
    But look at her...she sleeps...with one eye open...

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    Don't forget about the inevitable "mine field" that gets left in the yard.

    I have found mobile barking home defense systems to be smelly, but ultimately lovable. If only dogs smelled like puppies!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    Don't forget about the inevitable "mine field" that gets left in the yard.

    I have found mobile barking home defense systems to be smelly, but ultimately lovable. If only dogs smelled like puppies!
    that is one of my jobs around here...mark them with flags so that when we get around to doing it, we don't step on any...besides the dogs are very good at pointing us to the ones that we missed because they did it somewhere they are able to hide from us. Winter is a good time to pick them up too because after a few, they are frozen stiff and easily picked up with a shovel. My boys are good at doing it already near the fence. The youngest one is slowly getting there, so he has most of the flag markers.
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    We got an early warning system in August. He's an Austaralian Sheppard. Smartest dog I've ever owned.

    when his herding instinct caused him to nip my daughters' hinies
    We had the same issue. Although now the kids are accustomed to it and ready in advance. He also tolerates their rough play without complaining to much.

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    We've got two, a Lab, and an Old English Sheepdog. The Lab will let us know someone is coming. The OE lets that someone know SHE is there. Great with the family, take a while to warm up to strangers. Good dogs.

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    Our lab-pit mix is a beautiful, hyper, friendly, and very noisy dog. She spazs out everytime there's any sound or movement outside. To anyone who doesn't know her, she would look very aggressive and viscious, but anyone who knows her realizes that she is just barking at you because you aren't paying attention to her yet. Great for an early warning, but I don't count on her for much more than that.
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    My home security is a Giant Schnauzer with a very, very strong protective instinct and a bark loud enough to rattle windows. Not many people aren't a bit startled by a big black 70lb dog who doesn't like anyone that he doesn't know. And even then, he has to really know you to tolerate you alone with my wife.

    On the flip side, he's absolutely great around kids. He's pretty gentle and will play with a kid for hours if they're up for it.

    Great dog, and a great early warning system/deterrent.

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    I have a pair of Greyhounds. If anyone breaks into my home, my hounds will trip them to death by strategically lying on the floor in the dark.
    - Tom
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    My neighbor has a Border Collie/Lab mix that guards both of our houses ( I feed her doggie yummies all the time!) she will bark anytime a stranger comes near day or night. She sleeps on my front porch (leeward of prevailing winds) most of the time. I consider her a very comforting early alarm system, especially when I go to sleep.
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    Dogs are great alarm/home defensive systems.

    Here is my four-legged defensive system after a hunting trip, taking a day off. Scout is a 100lb Yellow lab.

    I live in a 4 home cul-de-sac; if anything is suspicious, Scout is on it with a great snarl and loug, deep bark.

    He is great with kids and is very possessive of his family. He has also scared many UPS and door to door sales men back to where they came from. He also alerted me to our neighbors house being broke into last summer...great dogs!

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    My 6 yr old "baby boy" Zeus, 80lbs Pit Bull. Most cuddle crazy lap dog I've met or heard about. UPS guys don't ring the door bell anymore, just leave the package on the step lol. Loves loves kids, and little dogs. Just don't hurt me or my girl, especially my girl

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