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security cameras, u have them? / retailers

This is a discussion on security cameras, u have them? / retailers within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; +1 for Frys they have a wide variety of systems to fit anyones budget. As low as $35 for a wired color night vision cameras ...

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Thread: security cameras, u have them? / retailers

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    +1 for Frys they have a wide variety of systems to fit anyones budget. As low as $35 for a wired color night vision cameras that plug directly into your TV or receiver. Our security system uses mostly wireless cameras some are hidden all with internet feeds for off site storage / accessibility. So no matter what happens there will be pictures of the perps and their license plates. They also provide real time feeds so we know what is going on outside, from inside the house or remotely via the internet. There are motion sensors that alert us as soon as some one enters the property. Once in the clearing that is our lawn another set of motion sensors turn on out door lights and ring a buzzer inside the house. We have a couple of landing strip lights that I can hit intruders with to blind them if they are uninvited "guests". The landing light was military surplus the rest we got from Frys
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    We have had the X-10 cameras for a while. I am looking for a newer replacement though.

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    I have a 4 camera night vision system made by Lorex. I pieced my system together which was cheaper than buying a package. I bought a Q-See dvr capture card ( $120 ) for the computer and bought the Lorex cameras ( $59 a piece ). I ended up spending around $450 bucks but I also bought a external hard drive which I cut the drywall and put it in the wall then drywalled back overtop of it just uncase someone stole the computer the hard drive would still be in the home and i would be able to view the cameras if the computer was stolen. Its probably easier to piece a system together. My cameras have 15ft night vision and they are outdoor. Camera systems use 2 different types of connections RJ-11 which looks like your telephone connection and RJ-59 which is also called "bnc" connection. they are both industry standard. Different companies use different connections so you have to pay attention when mixing and matching equipment. There is also a company called EZ WATCH and they have a "build your own system" for $589 but that was a little to expenisive for me so I decided to shop around. Q-See dvr is nice it has 30 frames per second recording and live viewing and the cameras are 420 lines resolution which really nice cameras are 500 or so. But the quality on mine is crystal clear. also when you get the DVR capture card it will come with software for viewing and recording so you dont need to buy that seperate. pm me if you have any questions and I can explain more.

    Whatever you do... do not get wireless cameras they are junk. I had x10 at one time to and they lasted like 2 months and I got rid of them, quality was horrible and they lens in them were horrible. your better off spending the money and getting a wired professional system that will last you years and you can also upgrade the system at any time with new cameras or even add another card and cameras and they will work with current software.

    I bought my stuff from microcenter ( a local company but they ship world wide ) they also have a cheaper system for $299 with cameras, dvr card and all wiring but the cameras are 320 lines res. its better to spend the extra $100 for better cameras I can give you the model number if interested and you can check them out if you want just pm me
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