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How would y'all feel about this.

This is a discussion on How would y'all feel about this. within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by F350 Would you call customer service and pitch a fit? I have waited 36 hours now to cool down enough to be ...

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Thread: How would y'all feel about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F350 View Post
    Would you call customer service and pitch a fit? I have waited 36 hours now to cool down enough to be civil when I call.
    I worked for the Bell System for 35 years... I've NEVER heard of or seen anyone hired who could not speak English well enough to be understood and NEVER was anyone ever dispatched who was not in a company vehicle!

    Hell yes! Let them know that such a poor representative is UNACCEPTABLE! Let them know you are reporting them to the Public Service Commission! (or whatever it's called in your area)
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    YES CALL, I would be so PO'ed I would. If they can't speak English they shouldn't be working where they need to talk to customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    I think I sure would, especially if it's one of the "National" carriers, all their techs should be able to speak English AND produce valid company ID!
    +1 on this, natiional or not, even local carriers should be able to speak english period in my view and definitely the I.D.
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    The house is ~10 miles outside of Columbia MO and the local Telco is CenturyLink (use to be CenturyTel) and is one of the larger non-Bell local companies.

    As we are out in the country I am sure they used a sub-contractor and keep their guys in town to reduce their expenses.

    I talked to her again and she said that it took a bit but was able to understand he was there to fix the phone so she told him to go ahead. She also said there was no way she would let him in the house if the problem wasn't outside (had a problem with a "trusted" handyman), and she carried her gun around the house the rest of the day.

    I'm going to call customer service in the morning and have a little chat with a supervisor, no point in subjecting a low level employee to this call, I will be civil but I WILL get my point across.

    CenturyLink is trying to get us to bundle our phone service with internet access (currently using satellite) after this, since we now have reliable cell service, I am tempted to cancel the land line all together

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    I live in Florida, and after one time of not being able to communicate with subcontractors, I let every company I do business with that they need to have at least one person fluent in English on the work crew if they want my business.

    No ID? No coming on my property unless I know the person.

    Call and let them know your displeasure over this issue.

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    I live 20 miles from Mexico and most of the tech people are Bi-lingual or if one language it's english.Anybody no speaky english ain't getting in my house
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