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Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?

This is a discussion on Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Sleeping with guns is quite uncomfortable. Sleeping near them seems to be a little easier. There have been a story or two on where ...

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    235 40.10%
  • Obscured from view in an open drawer I can reach from my bed

    35 5.97%
  • Obscured from view under my bed but within reach

    42 7.17%
  • Obscured from view in a holster lodged between the mattresses

    24 4.10%
  • In a closed drawer I can reach from my bed

    81 13.82%
  • Obscured from view in an open safe I can reach from bed

    15 2.56%
  • Obscured from view in an open safe I must get up from bed to access

    18 3.07%
  • Somewhere else in my bedroom (please post specifics)

    36 6.14%
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    19 3.24%
  • Other (please post specifics)

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Thread: Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?

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    Distinguished Member Array nutz4utwo's Avatar
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    Sleeping with guns is quite uncomfortable. Sleeping near them seems to be a little easier.

    There have been a story or two on where someone sleepwalks or moves a firearm during the night. If that is the case, please put some sort of lock between you and your firearms.

    Honestly, I believe all firearms should be under lock and key or on your person at all times. Anything in-between invites trouble. It only takes a few seconds to open a pistol safe. If you don't have a few seconds to spare, you need to improve your early warning signs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PackerBackerToo View Post
    I don't want anyone to think I'm a gun nut or something, but...

    I have a pistol on the bedside table.
    - a rifle near the bed.
    - another in a drawer accessible as I step away from the bed.
    - two more in a gunvault accessible from near the bed.
    - shotgun and rifle near the door.

    No minor children in the home.
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    I keep my M&P45 in a Tommy's Gun Pack on the nightstand. I also have a flashlight and a few extra mags in it plus a cell phone. This keeps everything together and is quick to put on in the event something does go bump in the night. Usually my sleep attire isn't cargo shorts LOL! This is also what I keep with me throughout the house as it is inconspicuous sitting on the computer desk or by the sofa watching TV. If friends come over then they are none the wiser and it's hidden in plain view. My wife's bedside gun is in a hard case that's unlocked and readily accessible and it sits on the other nightstand. We don't have any small kids running around so that does make a difference.
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    I have one of those huge king sized waterbeds from the 70's with the bookcase headboard. I keep the flashlight, cellphone and extra magazine on the headboard. I mounted a cheap Uncle Mikes nylon holster to the wooden rail of the bed on the wall side out of sight (youngins grown). Easy access and It's not going to be accidentally grabbed reaching for the TV's remote control.

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    Distinguished Member Array kazzaerexys's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    GunVault next to the bed.
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    VIP Member Array Paco's Avatar
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    Other for me, I have a safe just under my bead. All I have to do is drop my hand and tap out the code and I'm good to go.
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    On my side of the bed, in an open drawer of bedside stand w/tac lite. On wife's side, on top of the bedside stand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    There have been a story or two on where someone sleepwalks or moves a firearm during the night. If that is the case, please put some sort of lock between you and your firearms.

    Also if you wake up scared and want to grab for your gun, wait 2-3 seconds before pulling the trigger if at all possible. For the first couple seconds after you wake up often you are still in a half-dream state and what you see may not actually be reality.
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    Senior Member Array Chevyguy85's Avatar
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    I sleep with it on my head board. I used to stuff it between the water bed bladder and the frame of the bed. I've also been known to fall asleep with it somewhere on the bed and wake up in the morning wondering where my gun is. I've slept with it under the pillow as well. All depends on how tired I am and where it ends up/is put

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    Matching nightstands with matching GunVaults bolted to the shelf. At the end of the day the carry guns go back in, and the door stays open.
    On my side I have access to a Kimber .45ACP, two S&W .357 snubbies, a .38 snubbie and a .44 Magnum revolver. Hubby's side has a matching Kimber, a Glock 19, a Ruger GP100, and a Ruger MK III. Six steps from my side of the bed is the closet, which holds 2 shotguns, the AR-15 and the AK-47. All of which are guarded by 130 pounds of fur covered bad attitude.
    Pretty safe here.
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    Read an article in American Handgunner a couple of issues back, written by John Connor, about having some kind of "ready belt" by the bed. Connor's belt is equipped with a holstered handgun, spare mags, flashlight, phone, and probably a few things I'm forgetting. His point was basically to have that belt in a place you could get to very easily, either as a platform from which to quickly draw, or if time allows, to get up, put the belt on, and have everything at your disposal without tying up your hand completely. I took a modified approach to this and keep my maxpedition fat boy pack hanging on my headboard packed full of goodies. the gun pouch on the bag is left open so that I am able to draw the gun from bed, or I can hop up and throw the bag over my shoulder and go.

    I just thought that Connor had a good idea with the belt, any other thoughts on such a setup?

    Here is a link to Connor's article
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    Glock on the Night stand unholstered with light attached.
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    In my bed between the mattress and the bed structure when I'm off duty. When on duty my two girls remains holstered on the belt in my BDU botons. Something like fire department, just step on the pantes and pull them up...

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    Senior Member Array Daddy Warcrimes's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by kazzaerexys View Post
    GunVault next to the bed.
    Same here.
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    gun stays in shoulder holster with thumb snap/break hanging from bedpost,

    shotgun leans against same bedpost
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