Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?

Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?

This is a discussion on Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hi there, I have run across some mention of sleeping with your gun in a number of different threads, and went looking for a thread ...

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  • Under my pillow

    33 5.63%
  • Somewhere on my bed/bed's platform

    88 15.02%
  • Within view on furniture/a nighstsand adjacent to my bed where I can reach it

    235 40.10%
  • Obscured from view in an open drawer I can reach from my bed

    35 5.97%
  • Obscured from view under my bed but within reach

    42 7.17%
  • Obscured from view in a holster lodged between the mattresses

    24 4.10%
  • In a closed drawer I can reach from my bed

    81 13.82%
  • Obscured from view in an open safe I can reach from bed

    15 2.56%
  • Obscured from view in an open safe I must get up from bed to access

    18 3.07%
  • Somewhere else in my bedroom (please post specifics)

    36 6.14%
  • In a closed and locked safe somewhere else in the house

    19 3.24%
  • Other (please post specifics)

    33 5.63%
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Thread: Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?

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    Sleeping while armed - Practical Considerations for sleeping with your gun?

    Hi there, I have run across some mention of sleeping with your gun in a number of different threads, and went looking for a thread specifically about this topic and did not find it. If I am repeating or misplacing this thread, apologies!

    I'm new to guns and therefore wet behind the ears as they relate to just about any scenario. My vision for this thread is to collect practical thoughts about sleeping with your gun into one place. I am hoping it will not become a place for people to argue against or for the practice but that it will become a good place to train oneself in good procedure if you do. Or, a place to learn the practical considerations for why you may choose not to.

    I am particularly interested in soliciting the feedback and recommendations of folks who actually do sleep with their guns on the thought processes (practical, not specific threat related) that led them to this decision. I'm also interested in hearing a practical discussion of what to do/what not to do if you are seriously thinking about sleeping with a gun.

    Having a gun in a safe next to you does not meet this definition, however if you began with it out of a safe and in your hand/under your pillow/somewhere "on you" and ended up with it "in a safe next to you" that discussion and process does fit in with this request for information.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts and advice!


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    Oak Park, MI
    I don't have one, my gun rests in my nightstand drawer, but this looks like a really good option for having a gun "on you" while in bed.

    ZAA-906 - Holster Mate Metal Bedside Mount Conceals Your Pistol and Holster at Your Bedside

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    Colorado Springs
    Mine sits directly on the night stand within inches from the side of the bed. The only time I "Sleep" with it under my pillow is while tent camping up in the Rockies.

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    VIP Member Array searcher 45's Avatar
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    Wife and I each place our CC on bed side stand near at hand.
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    Kendall, MI
    I keep my M&P 9c loaded with the full size 17rd magazine on a shelf above my nightstand. It's at eye level so it allows me to see my night sights wonderfully. Also out of reach when I'm sleeping; it sits next to 3 spare magazines and two flashlights.
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    On my nightstand or if I'm not sleeping at home or in a hotel room (i.e. still fully clothed, be it in the car, or a chair/couch at a friend's house) in the holster on my person.

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    Senior Member Array Hot Wing's Avatar
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    Somewhere on my bed/bed's platform

    Thats what I put on the poll .

    I had one next to me on bed for last few months or so .

    I have my reason for that ( a 28 year old step son in house that's

    not trusted)

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    Ex Member Array azchevy's Avatar
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    On the nightstand. I am not worried about someone getting to it while I sleep because if they break in, the two rottweilers tearing them up will wake me.
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    VIP Member Array JAT40's Avatar
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    My 870 in a "Back Up" (site sponsor) rack along side the bed. The EDC weapon stays in it's holster on the night stand.
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    Member Array Joeface's Avatar
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    Mine is obscured from view in a locked safe that I can reach from bed. Takes 3 seconds for me to open, maybe 2 seconds too late,but I will not be shot with my own gun in my bed. Unless I tick off the wife.
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    Member Array DIXIETWISTER's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    I sleep with my finger on the trigger..................j/k........under mattress.
    You may not like guns. You may choose not to own one. That is your right.
    You might not believe in God. That is your choice.
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    Mar 2009
    Fairfax County, VA
    I frequently fall asleep on the couch with it holstered. When I retire for the evening, though, my J-frame goes into a lock box under the bed. With a sleep-walking child in the house, it's the safest place for it.

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    Distinguished Member Array PackerBackerToo's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    I don't want anyone to think I'm a gun nut or something, but...

    I have a pistol on the bedside table.
    - a rifle near the bed.
    - another in a drawer accessible as I step away from the bed.
    - two more in a gunvault accessible from near the bed.
    - shotgun and rifle near the door.

    No minor children in the home.
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    Central Florida
    Without opening my eyes, I can reach over and grab my Glock (still in its holster)...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Making ammo.
    Well, there's different circumstances of sleeping. I selected "other" so I could address them.

    Preamble: I carry all the time from pants on to pants off where ever it's legal to carry. Every day of the week. If I'm up and dressed, I'm armed. Period.

    If I take a nap or rest, it stays in holster, lay on the couch on my back and snooze. Go on with life.

    For the night, I have a pistol safe on the nightstand. I put it in there (leave it cocked and locked), key goes up on a shelf. Flashlight and cell phone are placed on top of the safe.

    I have a 3yo son that has been raised with guns and has to date never touched one without my permission, but I take no chances. It's either in the safe or in my holster.

    Before he could walk/stand, I'd just leave it on top of the nightstand, since he was in a crib. Once he graduated to a normal "big boy" bed, I bought the safe and that's my protocol now.
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