Protecting my "American Dream"

Protecting my "American Dream"

This is a discussion on Protecting my "American Dream" within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well, looks like it's official !!! After living in neighborhoods since being married, we have finally found 4 acres, in the country, that we're in ...

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Thread: Protecting my "American Dream"

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    Protecting my "American Dream"

    Well, looks like it's official !!! After living in neighborhoods since being married, we have finally found 4 acres, in the country, that we're in contract on !!!!! We are so excited. It's been our lifelong dream to own a small piece of land that we can build upon, with room to stretch out, and have no neighbors to deal with.

    Now, it's time to start thinking about how I will go about protecting my land and property!

    Granted, we most likely will not build or set a home on this land for another two-three years (gotta save up for that,) but it still never hurts to plan. Our land is located out in rural farm country, mostly level prairie, with some woods and a creek (yes, a REAL creek) running behind us. Not a huge piece of land by any means, but finally enough to never worry about neighbors complaining, parking problems, or being in the city limits.

    I'm hoping to build a small shooting range on this property, having perhaps a 100-yard area designated for target practice by building a highwall of dirt/rock as the backstop.

    My first priority is to get this land officially surveyed (and MARKED) so I can put up a strong fence and post with "no trespassing" ASAP. There is already some fence in place, but it is in poor state and we have no idea if it's accurately bordering our land. Looks close, but there's some question on our West and North side boundaries.

    Any other advice on getting started with fencings, postings, etc. etc.? Obviously, we don't know who our neighbors are, as they're about 1/2 mile down the road in either direction, and there's nothing but woods to our north. We would have a neighbor across the highway from us, but that house is currently in disrepair and empty. Again, we have no buildings on this land and most likely won't for a couple of years. Sure, we hope to have (and intend to be) good neighbors. But let's face it, in today's world, it just doesn't always work out as planned. And what we're paying for now, I want to ensure is rightfully and legally marked off as OURS. All others can STAY OFF, until invited. We do not intend on our property being a recreational or social destination!

    But in the meantime, I want to make it very clear that we're fencing our land and posting it as "no trespassing." I guess I need to get educated on King County, Washington laws on property ownership and trespassing laws, but I want NO ONE thinking they can just come on my land and do as they please. I pray we never have intruders or folks who wish to do harm, but I will protect what we have worked so hard for, with force, if it should ever come to that!

    And oh yes, the daughter wants her golden retriever someday, so we'll definitely have at least one dog on the property. The older son, 16, wants to install land mines and razor-wire fencing!
    Yeah, I know, too many video games for him. LOL
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    4 acres? Wow, that is cool, congratulations on that. Nothing like owning a piece of property like that.

    Your (future) dogs will have a blast there.

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    Congratulations! Very neat. I'd suggest first things first, that is, introduce yourselves to your new neighbors! Drop by during the day with a "Business" card with your names and tele #'s, and introduce yourself. A good introductory meeting will set the stage for future meetings too, so brush your teeth, comb your hair, and be on good behavior. :)

    Congratulations again!
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    Congrats on purchasing the land...I share your excitement. My wife loves the sub we are in which is a nice place, but I understanding wanting room to stretch.

    I'm only guessing, but I pretty sure that your land has been around for a while without suffering too much distress. I wouldn't worry too much about it being is land. As long as no one is using it as a 'dump site', or firewood access spot, I wouldn't worry about fencing it off. Wait until your are closer to moving onto it, otherwise it's just more to worry about. OMOYMV
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    Awesome. That is my dream as well.
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    Congratulations for sure partner, my wife wants to do the same, buy property and build later, land around here is expensive though.

    Sounds like a darn good deal for you.
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    Get a liability insurance policy with a 2 million dollar umbrella. Hunters don't respect fences and BG's will sue you for trying to protect yourself from them.

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    I'm thinking go with what the boy suggests, It sounds totally reasonnable.

    But really;
    I live on over 20 acres in St. Clair Co. Mi. and we have farmland to the west, and east, our property to the N, adjoining woods and another neighbor with farmland, and three houses to the south, with all of us being on the same side.
    First piece of advice, DON'T MESS WITH THE NEIGHBORS, you are the newbie.
    Second, Putting up a fence around all four of your acres may be unnecessary, and cost prohibitive.You may wish to fence off one, or 1.5 acres, or just what you want to mow.
    Are you going to put a pond in and use the fill for fill dirt? Does the twp. require you to have a fence around that ;as per if there is a law as such?
    Plant trees around the border if there are none now, or if you want more, this will help with a windbreak, and will help seclude thing in the future.
    If you are not going to have a barn, build a 3-4 car garage.
    If not for the 48x60 ft. barn, my 2 car garage would be woefully inadequate;You will not believe the crap you WILL accumulate in the coming years .
    As far as fencing material goes, we have no fence bordering the property,just what we have as a back yard, which is the white plastic picket fence( we don't need the seclusion). Seeing as you have 4 ac. you may want to put up a five foot stockade style fence for your yard area, plastic or wood,(I really like the plastic stockade styles). This will help in the name of seclusion, should someone buy and build right next to you , with their home, 100 feet away.
    Yes put up some no trespassing signs, but don't over do it. space them out 100-200 feet , so you don't give the appearance you don't trust anyone.
    And as was posted, when the opportunity presents , (as you are driving by your neighbors house) and you notice them in the yard, or getting mail, stop by and introduce yourself!

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    Thanks, all.

    Don't have to worry about anyone building within 100 ft. of us, that's for sure!
    The 4 acres is spread out in a nice square, with a creek running through it to the western side of the property. The unique thing is that we actually will own the land on the other side of the creek as well! And even though it doesn't appear as anyone has been on that side of our land for some time, I just want to avoid the temptation of someone thinking the creek is the property line, rather than where it's really located. I looks like we'll have about 50-100' west of the creek, that's actually part of the land we're buying.

    As far as messing with the neighbors, we have no intention of storming in like "squatters" you'd see on an episode of Gunsmoke. LOL
    In fact, we drove out today and stopped by our neighbors home to the west, but no one was home. Will try again soon.

    I guess I've let the past experiences of dealing with lousy neighbors in our subdivision (where the houses are built ten feet apart,) get me a bit paranoid that when we finally own land - I refuse to deal with all the crap. If everyone simply respects the property lines, I'm sure we'll all be just fine.

    Again, my biggest concern is that funky layout of the parcel, where our property also includes the OTHER side of the creek that runs through the west side of our property. There's no fence on that side. All other sides... north, south and east are fenced and appear correctly so per the parcel map.
    Having no fence on the west side of our property; I just don't want our western neighbor to go putting up a nice fishing shack built right on the creek, which is actually on our property... a precautionary thing to think about.
    Like you guys said, we're nowhere near even ready to mobilize onto the land. As for now, it's a vacant field.

    Probably won't do any signage or fencing on the west side until we get a surveyor to legally confirm the line and mark it. And even with that, if they'll just put up stakes marking the western boundary of our property line, it should suffice; at least I think so. (?)
    Boomer Sooner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsee11789 View Post
    Awesome. That is my dream as well.
    Plus a couple horses for me

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    I would also suggest if it is possible, were a suit and tie or other appropriate formal clothing when meeting your new neighbors. It leaves a strong first impression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgriffin70 View Post
    Having no fence on the west side of our property; I just don't want our western neighbor to go putting up a nice fishing shack built right on the creek, which is actually on our property... a precautionary thing to think about.
    Don't know the area but, living in the country I wouldn't worry about anybody building something that's not on their property.
    People in the country (at least here) are very respectful to other's property.
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    I'm from the country and people there think differently than the city people do. Before you go putting up fences and keep out signs get to know your neighbors. The one that comes close to the creek as well. Have the lines run invite them over for a cookout. Show them the lines and ask if that looks right to them. Tell them your future plans and what a good neighbor you will be. In the country folks don't mess with you but if you build the right relationships they'll be there when nobody else will to help. Do it slow. Country folks like slow. Like I said I am a country boy. 88 acre horse farm in North Alabama for my first 20 years. I miss the country.
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    WOOHOO whens Deer season?Pencil me in sometime around the first week
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