Bump in the night... well, at dawn

Bump in the night... well, at dawn

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Thread: Bump in the night... well, at dawn

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    Bump in the night... well, at dawn

    I'm a heavy sleeper, no doubt. If I'm off a particular day, I don't hear my alarm. You could flashbang my room and then would have to beat me with a stick to get me to wake. If I need to get up, I have to set the clock and tell myself that I actually need to wake. Otherwise, I won't until I have to drain myself.

    My house eastern-facing house resembles a large mobile home from the air and I sleep in the northeast corner of the house. My mother sleeps in the southwest corner. One dog sleeps with her and is notorious for barking at anything, but is getting hard-of-hearing. The other sleeps in the entryway on the northwest side and is known for having a more reliable bark.

    I crashed this morning at 0130. I was awakened by the sound of something moving on my porch. I've lived in this house most of my life and that sound is quite familiar to me. The noise lasted about two seconds. I rolled to the window and peaked through the blinds and saw nothing, but I can't see much of the porch from that window. I realized it was right at dawn. I moved to the other side of the bed, noticed 0559 on the clock and went to put on my sandals. I couldn't find them. Then I realized that I didn't put on the desert MARPAT trousers nor the 5.11 shorts that I select from most nights. Screw it. I grabbed my Glock from my nightstand and popped off the holster then grabbed my flashlight. I remembered that there was a better light in my jeans pocket and exchanged them. Calling the SO came across my mind, but then I remembered, that we are 15 minutes away from anything if you run code on dry roads.

    I got up and went across the room where I can see out through my door and the windows of the front of the house and saw nothing on the porch. I opened the door and checked the back of the house. I walked through the center, darkest part to further clear the porch. I moved to the window and scanned the front yard. My mother's clock alarm started sounding. I went to the back and saw nothing in the backyard. I made my way down the hall wishing I had pants and shoes on.

    I walked to the door of my mother's bedroom and looked at her dog. She didn't bark at me, which would be very common. She didn't wag her tail like she does every time she notices me. I almost got to the bed before the dog noticed me and she didn't bark. I checked again out the back.

    I sat down on the bed, mother woke, killed her alarm, and I told her what I heard. She asked me if it were raining and I confirmed. She said it was probably a dog of the neighbor's on the porch to get out of the rain. It sounded reasonable. It had crossed my mind before, but I had to make sure.

    I noticed a few things and a few things were reiterated. -I should make sure my shoes are ready to go every night, not just most nights. -The same goes for my pants or shorts. -I need to start putting my Surefire on the nightstand, or get a Surefire for my nightstand. -Dawn would not be the best time to come in my house as I can see out without a light, but you'd have a hard time seeing in. -The old dog is getting a lot less alert. -I am getting better alert, or at least selectively alert. But when I do wake, I am quite coherent. -I can still see without my lenses. -Nightsights are sure handy for locating a gun in the dark.

    In the end, I've learn a few thing I need to do in case that animal on the porch is of the primate variety next time. Writing this helped me compose my thoughts on the matter-at-hand and maybe it will benefit you as well.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    You could flashbang my room and then would have to beat me with a stick to get me to wake.
    Sounds exactly like me, I'm a very very very, did I say very deeeeeep sleeper. Didn't think much about that for years and I casually mentioned it to my doctor once. He asked me a few questions .. long story short, I have sleep apnea. I have one of those air tunnel (feels like anyway!) machines to sleep with but just can't get used to wearing the thing.

    Now, i have two rat terriers, "normal" noises around the house, they generally ignore completely, anything even slightly out of the ordinary, and I'm getting some very loud wake up calls to see what's going on.

    Last time they "went off", someone was attempting to abscond with my lawnmower from the back yard. I digress, heh, but yes you should be in a prepared situation to check out those out of the ordinary bumps in the night.

    Though I have excellent night vision, i keep a small flashlight next to the bed and 2 pistols are in close proximity should the need arise.

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    A late night knock at your door........
    Voices in the distance.........
    Unexpected headlights coming up the driveway......
    Noise on the front porch..........

    A situation like you just described really helps uncover your or my weak spots when trying to make the appropriate response. That unexpected situation has you in a hurry and your mind focused on some potential threat and this isn't a good time to start looking for stuff you might need.

    IMHO, is to do like the firemen and have "fire gear" ready to put on. What I'm saying is to have a dedicated place for dedicated items and they are always there in the same place. You are so familiar with them that you can accesss any or all of it in complete darkness and quiet.

    This reminds me that I need to do the same. I had a fire in a shop a few months ago and it would have helped me a lot to have remembered to bring a good flashlight, as I raced outside in the dark to check out the alarm alert.
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    Glad it was nothing, but sounds like you did an effective job of checking everything. A big +1 on realizing the shortfalls of your complete home defense system. Just like you, I too sleep very heavy. Slept through the smoke alarm once.
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    You guys are lucky. I'm a very light sleeper. Most nights a pin can drop and wake me up. Personally, I don't think I'd go OUT to investigate. I'd clear the house, look out the windows... maybe switch the outside lights on and off but thats about it. I'm more of a barricade myself into the house kinda guy I guess. :)

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